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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 31 December 2020

Question 1

Digital India awards are announced once in every ______________ years since ________.

Question 2

Recently, the government has approved the export of which missile system?

Question 3

The construction of industrial corridor nodes at Tumakuru industrial area has been approved in December 2020. Where is Tumakuru located?

Question 4

What is the latest ranking of Mukesh Ambani as per Hurun global rich list?

Question 5

Who is the current chairman of ISRO?

Question 6

Which of the following country has challenged India's application of a special GI tag for basmati in the European Union?

Question 7

Who among the following has won the Eminent Engineer Award for the Year 2020?

Question 8

Recently, India has announced to open Missions in which country?

Question 9

Recently, Union Cabinet has approved an MoU between India and ____________ on Cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space.

Question 10

Which of the following state has been declared as a ‘disturbed area’ for a further period of six months under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act?

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