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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 4 August 2020

Question 1

According to the draft Defense Production and Export Promotion Policy 2020, the Ministry of Defense has set a target to achieve a turnover of Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand crore in aerospace and defense goods and services by which year?

Question 2

In which areas and activities a citizen of Pakistan or an entity incorporated in Pakistan cannot invest in India?

Question 3

Which is the first country in the Arab world to produce nuclear power?

Question 4

In which month the World Breastfeeding Week is organized every year?

Question 5

Recently in which union territory e-Gyan Mitra mobile app has been launched?

Question 6

Recently who has withdrawn his participation from the Women's World Squash Team Championship?

Question 7

The island of Agatti is situated in which of the following Sea?

Question 8

What is not true with respect to Dhole?

Question 9

Which of these countries is included in the quadrilateral system initiated by China?

Question 10

Recently John Hume died at the age of 83. He was the leader of which country?

Question 11

Wildlife Institute of India is located in which state?

Question 12

Which of the following statements is true about eVIN?

  1. It is a new technology related solution.
  2. It is intended to provide information about vaccine stocks and their availability and temperature requirements for storage.
  3. It is being implemented by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare under the National Health Mission.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

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