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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 6 February 2024

Question 1

Who has been appointed First Minister of Northern Ireland?

Question 2

Name the Woman Robot Astronaut, which is scheduled to fly into space in the third quarter of 2024.

Question 3

Kerala finance minister KN Balagopal presented the budget for 2024-25. Which of the following statements is correct about it?

1. The government's proposed Minimum support price for rubber has been increased to Rs 180 from Rs 170 in the Kerala budget.

2. Rs 8,000 crore will be allocated to the local self-government department for fiscal 2024-25.

Select the correct code:

Question 4

Who has assumed the charge of Chief Adviser (Cost) in the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance?

Question 5

PM Modi inaugurated India Energy Week 2024 in which of the following states?

Question 6

Consider the following statements regarding amendments to streamline food safety and standards regulations approved by FSSAI.

1. FSSAI has approved various amendments across different Food Safety and Standards Regulations to do away with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or AGMARK certification for food products.

2. Food businesses would not be required to go to different authorities for mandatory certification after the amendments are finalized.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 7

UP government presented _____________ budget for 2024-25.

Question 8

DRDO successfully conducted flight trials of High-speed Expendable Aerial Target _______________.

Question 9

Who has secured the second rank in the Brand Guardianship Index 2024?

Question 10

Who has been honoured with the 'Outstanding Business Woman of the Year - 2023' Award?

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