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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 7 October 2021

Question 1

Who among the following has won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their development of asymmetric organocatalysis?

Question 2

The first consignment of GI-tagged sweet dish Mihidana has been exported from West Bengal to _________________.

Question 3

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recently released MUDRA Toolbox in five Indian languages to diagnose ______________.

Question 4

In October 2021, World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended first ___________________.

Question 5

The first consignment of Jackfruit, Passion fruit and Nutmeg products has been exported from India to _______________.

Question 6

Recently, Tax Inspectors Without Borders launched its programme in Seychelles in association with which country?

Question 7

Recently, government approved the setting up of _______________mega textile parks, to boost domestic manufacturing of textiles.

Question 8

World Cotton Day is celebrated every year on _______________.

Question 9

Which of the following is correct about the IT-enabled payment and accounting system named ‘PRABAL’?

1. PRABAL Project will increase the cash flow and will strengthen the financing of the Indian defense sector.

2. It has been developed by the Defence Accounts Department under the Ministry of Defence.

Select the correct code:

Question 10

Abiy Ahmed has been recently sworn in as Prime Minister of _____________for second five year term.

Question 11

Jeel Albena Association for Humanitarian Development has won 2021 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award for providing support to people displaced by conflict in _________.

Question 12

In October 2021, an actor and a film director from which of the following countries have reached at International Space Station to make first movie in space?

Question 13

Noted Cartoonist Yesudasan who recently died at the age of 83 was awarded Swadeshabhimani Kesari Award by________________.

Question 14

Which of the following state is the largest emitter of PM2.5 in India?

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