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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 8 and 9 March 2023

Question 1

On 7 March, Indian Navy successfully carried out a test firing of the Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) from which of the following ships?

Question 2

Who has received the Lifetime Achievement award at the 8th National Photography Award ceremony?

Question 3

Consider the following statements:

1. India Meteorological Department revealed a study of the top 10 landslides district in India.

2. Of the total landslides across states between 2010 and 2022, Uttarakhand recorded the highest number of landslides during this period.

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 4

Who has sworn in as the Chief Minister of Meghalaya for the second consecutive term?

Question 5

Consider the following statements regarding the economic survey for 2022-23 recently tabled by Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis.

1. According to the survey, Maharashtra approved the highest number of investment proposals.

2. According to the survey, Maharashtra comes second after Karnataka in terms of foreign direct investment.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

Question 6

Veteran actor Satish Kaushik passed away on 09 March 2023. He won the Filmfare Best Comedian Award in 1990 for the film ________.

Question 7

Who became the Chief Minister of Tripura for the second time?

Question 8

Which country has proposed to launch a mega global alliance for protecting big cats?

Question 9

According to a UNICEF report, the number of pregnant women suffering from undernutrition has increased by ___________ since 2020.

Question 10

The Yaoshang festival is celebrated in which state?

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