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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 8 and 9 November 2020

Question 1

Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States. He belongs to which party?

Question 2

Kamala Harris will be ____________ Vice President of United States.

Question 3

Indian diplomat ______________ has been selected to a UN advisory ommittee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions.

Question 4

The International Day of Radiology is celebrated every year on_______________.

Question 5

Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

               Festival                                                  State

  1. Hornbill festival                  -               Nagaland
  2. Hemis Festival                     -              Karnataka
  3. Pongal                                    -             Tamil Nadu

Select the correct code:

Question 6

Who has been appointed as one of the Information Commissioner?

Question 7

Which of the following assets is part of India’s Forex Reserve?

Question 8

Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan recently held consultation with Indian Diaspora on which Science Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP)?

Question 9

PM Modi will lay foundation stone for redevelopment of which of the following ghats in Varanasi on 9th November 2020?

Question 10

What is the new name of Ministry of Shipping?

Question 11

NITI Aayog's AIM and Sirius has launched AIM-Sirius Innovation Programme. Sirius is an educational center of which of the following countries? 

Question 12

Google Doodle has recently commemorated 101st birth anniversary of which of the following personalities?

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