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Daily Current Affairs Quiz | 10 & 11 May 2020

Question 1

The indigenous antibody-based ELISA test kit, COVID KAVACH, has been developed for the first time for the diagnosis of Corona virus in the country?

Question 2

On which day is National Technology Day celebrated?

Question 3

An automated Ultraviolet System, Defence Research Ultra Violet Sanitiser (DRUVS), has been developed by _______.

Question 4

Under which mission has the Government of India sent assistance by ship Kesari to combat the situation arising out of Coronavirus in various island countries?

Question 5

Which two drugs have been approved by CSIR for the treatment of COVID-19?

1. Favipiravir

2. Phytopharmaceutical

3. Remdesivir

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 6

Which two institutions have partnered to develop a complete indigenous vaccine of COVID-19?

Question 7

In which year did the World Health Assembly announce the eradication of smallpox?

Question 8

Which country has announced the once in a generation transport investment?

Question 9

Which country has approved a new type of rapid coronavirus antigen test recently?

Question 10

Recently Hari Shankar Vasudevan died from COVID-19, he belongs to which field?

Question 11

Recently which country has recognized Toman as its currency?

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