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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 28 April 2020

Question 1

Recently how many rupees special liquidity facility has been announced by the Reserve Bank for mutual funds?

Question 2

In which year was Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act passed from Parliament?

Question 3

King George Medical University, the country's first government hospital to start plasma therapy for the treatment of COVID-19, is located in which city?

Question 4

When was the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development established?

Question 5

Riyadh Peace Accord is related to the background of which of the following country?

Question 6

What is the currency of Japan?

Question 7

Where is the headquarters of the North Eastern Council located?

Question 8

Recently which automobile company has decided to produce low cost ventilator?

Question 9

In which state are the famous Chakmas and Hajong tribes found?

Question 10

Umar Akmal who has been banned for three years is a cricketer from which country?

Question 11

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated on which day every year?

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