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RRB NTPC CBT-2 9 May 2022 Shift 1 GK

Question 1

The IPCC is the United Nations body for assessing the science related to climate change. IPCC stands for:

Question 2

Nile River was known as the backbone of which country?

Question 3

Allarakha Qureshi who is popularly known as Alla Rakha, is an Indian ________ player.

Question 4

The marginal propensity to consume (MPC) refers to the-

Question 5

Majuli, the largest riverine island in the world, is associated with which of the following rivers?

Question 6

Who appoints the Union Council of Ministers?

Question 7

When did the Maharashtra government launch the ‘Jail Tourism’ initiative?

Question 8

For which novel did Valeria Luiselli win the International Dublin Literary Award 2021?

Question 9

On ________, the Constituent Assembly set up a Drafting Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to prepare a Drat Constitution for India.

Question 10

To increase fish consumption which state inaugurated the ‘Aqua Bazaar’ and’Aqua Hub’ project on 21 November 2020?

Question 11

Which of the following has four chambered heart?

Question 12

The first ever Industrial Policy Resolution of India was announced in the year ________.

Question 13

______ is an order or decree given by a higher court to a subordinate court or tribunal or public authority to do so if it is not discharging its duty.

Question 14

Which of the following can be defined as 'the process in which the government sells a majority stake to one or more companies, while the government still owns it and remains as a minority stakeholder'?

Question 15

A consumer’s optimal bundle is located at the point of tangency between the budget line and _______.

Question 16

Which of the following is an element with atomic number 30 as per the modern periodic table?

Question 17

In Vaishnavism, how many avtars or incarnation of deity were recognized?

Question 18

The Fundamental Duties were added to the Constitution of India in the year:

Question 19

Which of the following enzymes is used in the stabilization of rice bran oil?

Question 20

In Contemporary Carnatic music, how many Melakarta ragas are there?

Question 21

Who became the first official in India to be felicitated with the United Nations Asia Environmental Enforcement Award in February 2021 under the Gender Leadership and Impact category?

Question 22

The Central Pollution Control Board was set up by the government in the year______.

Question 23

________ defeated Mahmud Khilji and erected the tower of victory (Vijay Stambha) in Chittorgarh.

Question 24

Which of the following is oldest production unit of the Indian Railways?

Question 25

Article 239 deals with the:

Question 26

As per Renewable Fuel Association data, _____ was the world’s largest producer of ethanol in the year 2020.

Question 27

As per Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) data for the year 2020, which country has highest per capita total spending on health?

Question 28

Which of the following tropical cyclones had hit the western coast of India in May 2021?

Question 29

What is sublimation?

Question 30

Which of the following persons was honoured with the highest award of the Central European University Open Society Award in June 2021?

Question 31

On 3 August 2021, ______ became India’s 69th Grandmaster of Chess at the Biel Masters Open.

Question 32

Bodo language is spoken mainly in which of the following states of India?

Question 33

Which of the following is the SI unit of electric charge and is equivalent to the charge contained in nearly 6x1018 electrons?

Question 34

As of December 2021, the total number of nuclear power plants in India is ________.

Question 35

Which institution received the Africa Food Prize 2021 for the Tropical Legumes Project that has improved income and food production in sub-Saharan Africa?

Question 36

As per Human Development Index Ranking (2020), which country has highest life expectancy at birth (years)?

Question 37

The Champaran Satyagraha took place in the year_______.

Question 38

In the year 2021, DRDO launched which satellite by PSLV-C51 to enhance India’s surveillance capability in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR)?

Question 39

Which of the following internet protocols allows us to access the data over the World Wide Web?

Question 40

Which Indian shooter won two Paralympic medals in the single edition of Paralympic on 3 September 2021?

Question 41

Which of the following is a non-conventional source of energy?

Question 42

According to the Census of India 2011, how many “million plus cities” were there in India?

Question 43

In which of the following states of India is Padayani a ritual dance art form performed at Bhadrakali temple?

Question 44

The Sahitya Akademi Award was formally inaugurated by the Government of India on 12 March ______.

Question 45

Which ceremonial folk dance of Puducherry is related the Hindi epic Ramayana, performed at the Villianur temple in Puducherry?

Question 46

Which of the following characters is used to create absolute address in MS-Excel?

Question 47

The people of Sikkim celebrate Lhabab Dhuechen which is observed to mark the descent of ______ from heaven back to earth.

Question 48

Padma Shri Minati Mishra was an Indian classical dancer and actress, known for her expertise in which of the following Indian classical dance forms?

Question 49

‘Bambabodhini Patrika’, a journal for women was edited by ______.

Question 50

Which of the following works of Kalidasa is based on the context of the birth of Kartikeya, the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati?

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