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Advance Maths Quiz 1 RRB NTPC

Question 1

A man standing on the top of a tower makes an angle of depression of 300 and 600 to the two points on the same side of tower on ground. If the distance between two points is  m, then find the height of tower.

Question 2

In ∆ ABC, C = 900 and D is the mid-point of BC. If AB = 13 cm, BC = 5 cm, then find the area of ∆ACD?

Question 3

A right circular cone is cut from the right circular cylinder. If the radius and height of the cone is equal to the radius and height of cylinder, then what is the percentage of material that is wasted?

Question 4

Question 5

Find the sum of digits of largest 4-digit number which is exactly divisible by 12, 21 and 27.

Question 6

The perimeter of a floor of a cuboidal room is 1680 m and height of room is 5 m. Find the cost of coloring the walls at the rate of ₹ 9/m2.

Question 7

In a circle with center O, PBA is a secant such that A and B are points on the circumference of the circle and P is a point outside the circle. If the radius of circle is 5 cm, OP = 25 cm and AP = 25 cm, then find the length of AB.

Question 8

Question 9

Find the value of sin 300 + cos 600 – tan 450 + sec 600 + cosec 300.

Question 10

In ∆ABC, AB = AC and A is 120 less than double the angle B. Find the value of C.

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