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Arithmetic Quiz 1 RRB NTPC

Question 1

Ramesh sold the pen for ₹ 42 at the loss of . At what price should he sell the pen in order to gain ?

Question 2

The efficiency of A is thrice the efficiency of B and efficiency of B is twice the efficiency of C. If A alone can finish the work in 5 days, then in how many days B and C together finish the work?

Question 3

The average age of 11 players of a team is 23.8 years. If the age of coach is also included then the average of team increases by 1.2 years. The age of coach will be:

Question 4

A man invested a sum of ₹ 4000 partly at 8% per annum simple interest and partly at 12% per annum simple interest. If the interest earned by the man at the end of 6 years is ₹ 2520, then what is the sum invested at 12%?

Question 5

Pipe A and B alone can fill the tank in 8 and 20 hours respectively. Pipe C can empty the tank in 16 hours. Pipe A and B are opened together but after 10 hours both the pipes are closed. In how many hours pipe will empty the tank filled by A and B together in 10 hours?

Question 6

In an examination, there were 500 boys and 300 girls present. If 70% of the boys passed the examination and 25% of the girls failed the examination, then what is the percentage of students that passed?

Question 7

The ratio of male and female employees in the company is 5 : 3. If 20 more male employees join the company, then the ratio changes to 2 :1. Find the number of female employees working in the company.

Question 8

Three friends A, B and C started the business by investing in the ratio  After one year the profit share of A is ₹ 27000. What is the total profit earned by them after 1 year?

Question 9

The boat in covering a certain distance of 9.1 km downstream and then returning back, took time of 2 hours. If the speed of stream is 3 km/hr, then in how many hours boat will cover distance of 25 km in still water?

Question 10

A train can cover 225 km in 5 hours. Find the speed of train in m/sec.

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