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Geometry Quiz 1 RRB NTPC

Question 1

The sum of sides of a triangular park is 534 m, and the ratio of sides is 3 : 4 : 5, then find the area of park?

Question 2

In a cicles with centre O two tringles ABC and BCD are drawn from same chord BC, A and D points are on the circumference of the circle. E is the point of intersection of AC and BD. If A = 400 and ABC is an isosceles triangle where AB = AC and BD is the angle bisector of B, then find the value of BCD?

Question 3

In ∆ABC, ∠B = 900 and AC = 30 cm, if the median BD is drawn on hypotenuse, then find the length of median?

Question 4

The ratio of perimeter of two similar triangle ABC and QPR respectively is 45 : 29. If the length of AB, BC and CA is 15 cm, 18 cm and 12 cm respectively, then find the value of side PQ?

Question 5

In ∆ABC, AB = BC = 25 cm and AC = 34 cm. If BD is the perpendicular bisector on AC, then

Find the value BD?

Question 6

If ABCD is the cyclic quadrilateral and external of C = 430, then find the value of opposite interior angle?

Question 7

The interior angle bisectors of B and C in ABC meet at point P. If A = 400, then find the value of BPC?

Question 8

In ABC, A = 300 and AB = 19 cm, AC = 16 cm, then find the area (in cm2) of triangle ABC?

Question 9

The ratio of sides of a rectangle is 5 : 6 and its perimeter is 220 cm. Find the area of rectangle?

Question 10

The radii of two concentric circles with centre O are 8 cm and 15 cm. A line AB is drawn which is the chord for the largest circle and tangent to the smallest circle. Find the length of line?

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