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Mensuration Quiz 1 RRB NTPC

Question 1

Find the length of diagonal of rectangle if length is 15 m and width is 17 m?

Question 2

What is the rotational symmetry of rhombus?

Question 3

Find the circumference (in cm) of largest circle which circumscribe the square of length 30 cm.

Question 4

If the circumference of circle is 90 cm more than the diameter of the circle, then find the radius of the circle.

Question 5

The curved surface area of cylinder is 858 cm2. If its height is 13 cm, then find the total surface area (in m2) of cylinder.

Question 6

How many complete revolutions were taken by the wheel of diameter 20 m to cover the distance of 20 km (use π = 3.14)?

Question 7

The length of rectangle is increased by 10% and its breadth is decreased by 15%, then what is the percent change in its area?

Question 8

The area formed between two concentric circles of circumferences 157 cm and 125.6 cm respectively will be: (use π = 3.14)

Question 9

A sphere of radius 12 cm is re-casted to form some small spheres of radius 4 cm. How many such spheres were formed?

Question 10

What is the number of sides of a regular polygon if each of its interior angle is 1200?

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