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RRB NTPC Percentage | 25-04-20

Question 1

In the Railway examination Rohan attempted 20% less questions than Mohan. If the marks scored by Mohan are 85, then what is the marks scored by Rohan?(considering the total number of questions be 100 and each question carry 1 mark)

Question 2

Mr. Raj spends 25% of his total monthly income on house rent, 60% of the remaining on household expenses, and 40% of the rest on travelling. If he saves ₹ 3780 in a month, then what is the monthly income of Mr. Raj?

Question 3

In an election between 2 candidates 8% of the voters did not vote. If winner got 54% of the total votes and won by 352 votes, then what is the total number of votes polled?

Question 4

If the value of mobiles depreciates by every month by 10%, then what is the value of mobile after 3 months, if the original cost price of mobile phone was ₹ 12000?

Question 5

If each side of square is increased by 15%, then what is the increase in its area?

Question 6

In an examination a candidate got 35% of the marks and failed by 45 marks. If the passing marks are 50% of the total marks, then what will be the maximum marks?

Question 7

The income of A is 20% more than the income of B and income of B is 25% more than income of C. By how much percent the income of C is less than the income of A?

Question 8

If 15% of (x + y) = 25% of (x – y), then what is the ratio of x : y?

Question 9

The strength of school is decreased by 20% every year. If the decrement starts in the year 2011, then what will be the overall decrement of the strength in the year 2015?

Question 10

Ram spends 70% of his income and rest he saves. If the income of Ram is increased by 20% and expenditure is increased by 10% only of what he was spending earlier, then what is the percentage change in the saving of Ram?

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