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Profit and Loss RRB NTPC 28-4-20

Question 1

The marked price of an article is 20% above its cost. What is the discount percent allowed so that he can earn 12% profit?

Question 2

A man sold an article for ₹ 1704 at the profit of 20%. Had he sold it at the profit of 15%, then what was the selling price?

Question 3

A shopkeeper purchased 12 eggs for ₹ 40. How many eggs should he sell for ₹ 50 to get the profit of 25%?

Question 4

The ratio of the cost price of one table and one chair is 8 : 5. If the price of table is ₹ 2400 more that the price of chair, then what is the price of table?

Question 5

A shopkeeper sold an article at the profit of 15%. Had the selling price increased by 7%, there would have been the gain of ₹1529.5. Find the cost price of article?

Question 6

If an article costs ₹ 269.5 to the customer after getting the discount of 23%, then find the marked price of article?

Question 7

Successive discounts of 20%, 10% and 25% will give the equivalent discount of:

Question 8

A shopkeeper marked an article for ₹ 970 and sold it for ₹ 751.75, then what was the single discount percent allowed by the shopkeeper?

Question 9

Rahul sold an article at certain price and incurred the loss of 18%. Had he sold the article for 62.5 more he would have got the profit of 7%.  The actual profit occurred to him is what percent of the actual loss?

Question 10

If the selling price of 500 article is equal to the cost price of 350 articles. Find the profit percentage made?

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