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SI and CI | RRB NTPC | Quiz 1

Question 1

At what rate of interest ₹ 20400 will give the simple interest of ₹ 3672 in 3 years?

Question 2

The difference between compound interest and simple interest on certain sum of money compounded annually at the interest rate of 8% per annum in 3 years is ₹ 308. Find the sum?

Question 3

Rahul borrowed a sum of ₹ 3000 each from his two friends Sohel and Shakib. He returned the money after 2 years at 6% per annum simple interest to former and at the rate of 8% per annum simple interest to the latter. What is the ratio of total amount paid by the Rahul to sum taken from former to the sum taken from latter?

Question 4

A man deposits certain sum of money in bank at certain rate of interest bank which becomes 8 times in 21 years. Find the rate of interest on which it is invested?

Question 5

A certain sum of money returns ₹ 880 at the rate of 20% per annum compound interest in 2 years, such that interest is being compounded anually. Find the simple interest on double the sum half the rate and triple the year?

Question 6

Find the difference between simple interest earned in 3 years at the rate of 10% per annum on ₹ 1000 and compound interest earned in 1 year at the rate of 40% interest compounded half yearly? 

Question 7

In what time the simple interest will be  of the principal at the 12% per annum?

Question 8

A sum of ₹ 1200 amounts to ₹ 1380 in 5 years at simple interest. Had the rate been doubled then what will be the increase in its interest?

Question 9

What is the compound interest earned on ₹ 5000, if the interest is calculated at the rate of 5% in first year and 6% in second year? 

Question 10

The maturity amount of certain sum is 10240 at simple interest. If rate of interest is 4% and sum is kept for 7 years, and then find the sum?

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