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Percentage Speed Quiz SSC CGL 29-4-20

Question 1

If number ‘a’ and ‘b’ are 35% and 75% more than a third number, than what percent should ‘a’ be increased so that ‘a’ becomes equal to ‘b’?

Question 2

The price of wheat increases from ₹ 50/kg to ₹ 70/kg. By what percent expenditure of wheat should be reduced so as to increase the consumption by only 10%?

Question 3

The total sales of a company increases by ₹ 5 lakh but sales tax rate reduces from 8% to 5%. If company pays the same tax as before, then how much sale company is currently doing (in ₹)?

Question 4

A student manages to score X marks. If he would have scored 6 marks more then he gets 38% marks while if he would have scored 10 marks less than he got 30% marks. How much percentage of marks he has obtained now?

Question 5

If remuneration/hour for a job is increased by  and daily working hours are increased by , then what will be the increase in daily earnings of person who is working on this job?

Question 6

If A gets 20% less salary than B, B gets 5% more salary than C, C gets  less salary than D. If A gets ₹ 18000 less money as compared to D, then what will be the salary of C?

Question 7

What is the value of

Question 8

In a voting of a village panchayat election for two candidates,  of person voted, out of which 20% votes are invalid. If the winner candidate got 33% votes and win by a margin of 380 votes, then how many votes did loser got?

Question 9

If the population of a town decreases by  every month due to pandemic disease. If after 3 months population of town gets 1089, then what is the population of town currently?

Question 10

A is  more than B, C is 20% more than B, C is 25% less than D, then what approximate percent A is less than D?

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