The Hindu Vocabulary 26 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 26 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Backseat driving: On Thai civilian governance and the Thai military’s hold".


Part of Speech/Idiom







To hold and use a weapon, tool, or power, typically with skill and control.


Use, Employ, Handle, Manipulate, Utilize, Exercise, Employ, Apply, Brandish, Control

Surrender, Release, Abandon, Relinquish, Drop, Let go, Yield, Renounce, Cease, Give up

He could skillfully wield a sword, making him a formidable warrior on the battlefield.



Something that is larger than usual or larger than what is considered normal or standard.

(बहुत बड़ा)

Oversized, Enormous, Giant, Huge, Massive, Gigantic, Colossal, Immense, Monumental, Jumbo

Undersized, Small, Tiny, Miniature, Petite, Mini, Diminutive, Microscopic, Compact, Miniaturized

The outsized pumpkin won first prize at the county fair due to its enormous size.



Work together towards a common goal.


Alliance, Partnership, Union, Collaboration

Division, Discord, Disagreement, Rivalry

The political parties formed a coalition to address the pressing issues of the country.



Disagreements, or debates among people.


Debatable, Disputed, Contentious, Disputable, Polemical, Arguable, Divisive, Conflicting, Questionable

Undisputed, Agreed, Uncontroversial, Noncontentious, Accepted, Settled, Unarguable, Harmonious, Unchallenged, Unproblematic

The new policy proved to be highly controversial, sparking heated discussions among experts and citizens alike.



Faults of someone's work.


Analysis, Evaluation, review, Appraisal, Assessment, Critique, Opinion, Feedback, Observation

Praise, Commendation, Approval, Admiration, Compliment, Endorsement, Support, Applause, Acclamation, Recognition

The movie received mixed criticism, with some praising its storyline and others highlighting its lack of character development.



Something is closed off or prevented from entry, often by a physical barrier or restriction.

(रोका हुआ)

Prohibit, Ban, Forbid, Restrict, Exclude, Block, Hinder, Disallow, Preclude, Obstruct

Allow, Permit, Approve, Admit, Include, Welcome, Accept, Facilitate, Encourage

Due to not meeting the age requirement, he was barred from entering the club's VIP section.



No longer in existence or operation, often referring to an organization, company, or entity that has ceased to function.

(मरे हुए)

Extinct, Inoperative, Nonexistent, Obsolete, Dead, Abandoned, Disused, Outmoded, Invalid, Unusable

Active, Operating, Existing, Functioning, Alive, Operational, Functioning, Usable, Valid, Effective

The company's defunct website serves as a reminder of its past presence in the online market.



Breaking down, disintegrating, or ending a partnership, organization, or formal relationship.


Disintegration, Breakdown, Termination, Disbandment, Disunion, Separation, Disassembly, Cessation, Closure, Conclusion

Formation, Establishment, Creation, Union, Integration, Organization, Assembly, Continuation, Initiation, Commencement.

The dissolution of the business was inevitable due to financial losses and internal conflicts among partners.



To approve, support, or officially signify approval or acceptance of something, often by signing or endorsing a document.


Approved, Supported, Sanctioned, Recommended, Backed, Authorized, Ratified, Accredited, Acknowledged, Confirmed

Rejected, Opposed, Disapproved, Denied, Contradicted, Refused, Dissented, Challenged, Questioned, Vetoed

The board decided to endorse the new policy unanimously.



Spirit taking on human form or being manifest in a physical body.


Embodiment, Manifestation, Representation, Materialization, Personification, Avatar, Manifestation, Embodiment, Realization, Epitome

Abstraction, Disembodiment, Nonappearance, non-Materialization, non-Manifestation, Non-incarnation, Non-realization, non-Personification

In some religious traditions, the deity's incarnation is considered a significant event that brings divine presence into the human world.



Forcefully remove or expel someone from a position of power, authority, or a place.

(बाहर निकाल दिया)

Remove, Expel, Eject, Dethrone, Depose, Unseat, Displace, Dismiss, Evict, Supplant

Retain, Keep, Reinstate, Appoint, Install, Reinstate, Welcome, Admit, Allow, Include

The board of directors ousted the CEO due to allegations of financial misconduct.



To a general agreement or unity of opinion among a group of people.

(आम सहमति)

Agreement, Harmony, Accord, Unity, Conformity, Concurrence, Unanimity, Concord, Mutual Agreement, Unison

Disagreement, Discord, Dissent, Conflict, Variance, Dissonance, Disharmony, Divergence, Opposition, Disunity

After much discussion, the team reached a consensus on the project's direction, ensuring everyone was on the same page.



Openly disobeying, disregarding, or showing contempt for rules, laws, or conventions.


Defiance, Disobedience, Violation, Disregard, Defiance, Contempt, Breach, Transgression, Noncompliance, Rebellion

Compliance, Obedience, Adherence, Observance, Respect, Submission, Conformity, Acquiescence, Agreement, Conformance

The students were flouting the school dress code by wearing inappropriate attire.



Countless or extremely large number of something.


Countless, Innumerable, Numerous, Countless, Multitude, Vast, Infinite, Limitless, Abundant, Infinite

Few, Limited, Scarce, Handful, Sparse, Singular, Minimal, Restricted, Scarce, Confined

The city's skyline was adorned with a myriad of sparkling lights during the festival.



Being slow-moving, lacking energy, or showing a lack of activity or responsiveness.


Slow, Lethargic, Inactive, Torpid, Languid, Indolent, Inert, Lazy, Drowsy, Apathetic.

Energetic, Active, Lively, Brisk, Dynamic, Vigorous, Agile, Quick, Animated, Responsive

The hot weather made everyone feel sluggish and reluctant to engage in physical activities.


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