The Hindu Vocabulary 25 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 25 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “On the moon, over the moon".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Physically attractive and well-built man, often used informally to describe someone who is handsome and muscular.

(आपत्तिकर और बलशाली व्यक्ति)

Heartthrob, Stud, Adonis, Handsome, Attractive Man, Beefcake

Ugly, Unattractive, Plain, Ordinary, Average, Unappealing

The actor who played the lead role in the movie was a hunk, and he had many admirers.



The action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it or discover new information.


Expedition, Journey, Trek, Voyage, Survey, Reconnaissance, Travel, Roaming, Quest, Pioneering

Avoidance, Neglect, Ignorance, Disinterest, Inactivity, Stagnation, Repose, Rest, Hesitation, Avoiding

The exploration of the remote jungle led to the discovery of several new species of plants and animals.



The state of being superfluous or exceeding what is necessary or normal.


Redundance, Superfluity, Excess, Surplus, Repetition, Duplication, Wordiness, Verbosity, Overabundance, Overflow

Economy, Conciseness, Precision, Efficiency, Necessity, Essentiality, Paucity, Scarcity, Deficiency, Bareness

The redundancy of information in the report made it difficult to extract the key findings.



To collect, assemble, or bring together people, objects, or information.

(इकट्ठा करना)

Collect, Assemble, Accumulate, Compile, Amass, Round up, Convene, Muster, Garner, Cluster

Scatter, Disperse, Distribute, Separate, Dissipate, Disband, Strew, Disassemble, Spread, Sow

The students gathered in the school courtyard for the morning assembly.



Describe a feeling of great joy, happiness, or triumph.


Ecstatic, Elated, Overjoyed, Exhilarated, Thrilled, Exultant, Joyful, Euphoric, Delighted, Radiant

Depressed, Disheartened, Miserable, Sad, Dismal, Gloomy, Melancholy, Dejected, Unhappy, Sorrowful

The team was jubilant after winning the championship, celebrating their victory with cheers and laughter.



To provide visual representation or examples to clarify or explain something.

(चित्रित करना)

Explain, Clarify, Demonstrate, Show, Exemplify, Describe, Depict, Represent, Expose, Manifest

Confuse, Obscure, Complicate, Baffle, Bewilder, Cloud, Conceal, Hide, Camouflage, Muddle

The teacher used a whiteboard to illustrate the process of photosynthesis, making it easier for the students to understand.



Something that is extremely large, huge, or immense in size or quantity.


Massive, Gigantic, Immense, Colossal, Mammoth, Monumental, Tremendous, Vast, Huge, Giant

Tiny, Small, Miniature, Minute, Microscopic, Minuscule, Diminutive, Petite, Insignificant, Lilliputian

The elephant was enormous, towering over everything in the jungle with its massive size.



Something that cannot be differentiated or distinguished from something else because they appear identical or very similar.


Identical, Alike, Similar, Equal, Uniform, Homogeneous, Consistent, Equivalent, Twin, Carbon Copy

Different, Distinct, Unique, Dissimilar, Diverse, Varied, Separate, Unlike, Heterogeneous, Disparate

The two paintings were so well done that they were almost indistinguishable from each other.



Conclusion or suggestion that can be drawn from something, even if it is not explicitly stated.


Inference, Deduction, Conclusion, Insinuation, Suggestion, Hint, Connotation, Presumption, Indication, Significance

Explicitness, Clarity, Certainty, Statement, Manifestation, Overtness, Obviousness, Disclosure, Explanation, Elaboration

His silence in response to the question carried a strong implication of guilt.



A great victory or achievement, often accompanied by a feeling of joy or pride.


Victory, Success, Achievement, Conquest, Win, Accomplishment, Conquering, Triumphalism, Glory, Mastery

Defeat, Failure, Loss, Setback, Disaster, Fiasco, Rout, Misfortune, Suffering, Downfall

The team's triumph in the championship was celebrated with cheers and jubilation.



The death or passing away of a person.


Death, Passing, Decease, Departure, Expiry, End, Termination, Extinction, Cessation, Loss

Birth, Arrival, Beginning, Commencement, Inception, Initiation, Start, Dawn, Genesis, Onset

The demise of the beloved actor left his fans in mourning and sadness.



Used in anatomy and biology to describe a body part or structure that is situated farther away from the center of the body or point of attachment.


Distant, Remote, Farther, Away, Outlying, Peripheral, Removed, External, Further, External

Proximal, Near, Close, Adjacent, Neighboring, Central, Attached, Interior, Nearby, Closely

The distal end of the bone is connected to the adjacent joint.



Something that comes before or precedes in order or time.


Previous, Prior, Former, Earlier, Antecedent, Foregoing, Precursor, Preexistent, Precedent, Past

Subsequent, Following, Next, Succeeding, Future, Later, Posterior, Ensuing, After, Consequent

The preceding chapter of the book provided important background information for the readers.


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