The Hindu Vocabulary 24 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 23 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled "Festering wounds: On Manipur’s elusive peace."


Part of Speech/Idiom







The process of forming or developing pus in a wound or sore, often as a result of infection.


Suppurate, Pus-filled, Infected, Worsen, Deteriorate, Aggravate, Escalate, Decay, Putrefy, Rankle

Heal, Mend, Improve, Ameliorate, Alleviate, Resolve, Soothe, Abate, Disinfect, Cleanse

The untreated wound began festering, causing increasing pain and discomfort to the patient.



Something that is difficult to grasp, capture, or understand.

(प्राप्ति असंभावी)

Evasive, Slippery, Hard-to-catch, Difficult to grasp, Uncatchable, Shifty, Slippery, Tricky, Hard to find, Fleeting

Obvious, Clear, Accessible, Attainable, Understandable, Apparent, Detectable, Manifest, Straightforward, Transparent

The truth about his whereabouts remained elusive, as he gave conflicting accounts of his travels.



The act of obstructing or sealing off a place, typically to prevent the entry or exit of people, goods, or services.


Obstruction, Barriers, Embargo, Encirclement, Siege, Impediment, Hurdle, Hindrance, Restraint, Interference

Opening, Passage, Access, Free flow, Unobstructed, Clearance, Permeability, Easement, Unblocking, Freedom

The naval blockade prevented the enemy ships from entering the harbor.



Relates to or pertains to the arteries, which are the blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body's tissues.


Vascular, Arteriolar, Major, Principal, Central, Main, Primary, Conduit, Channel, Thoroughfare

Venous, Capillary, Minor, Secondary, Peripheral, Side, Subordinate, Minor, Narrow, Small

The surgeon carefully repaired the arterial damage to ensure proper blood flow to the patient's leg.



Something that occurs at irregular intervals or in scattered instances, rather than consistently or continuously.


Irregular, Infrequent, Occasional, Scattered, Intermittent, Spasmodic, Fitful, Periodic, Random, Discontinuous

Regular, Constant, Continuous, Persistent, Consistent, Frequent, Systematic, Steady, Uninterrupted, Continuous

The sporadic rainfall in the desert region often catches travelers off guard, as it can occur unexpectedly.



Something that is not morally or intellectually uplifting or that fails to provide valuable lessons or insights.


Uninspiring, Unenlightening, Uninformative, Unprofitable, Disheartening, Discouraging, Dispiriting, Dull, Boring, Unimpressive

Edifying, Informative, Uplifting, Inspiring, Enlightening, Profitable, Encouraging, Motivating, Educational, Valuable

The heated argument between the two politicians was unedifying and did not contribute to a constructive debate on the issues.



A challenge or ordeal that one must face.


Challenge, Trial, Test, Ordeal, Hurdle, Obstacle, Barrier, Difficulty, Contest, Confrontation

Ease, Simplicity, Assistance, Support, Facilitation, Relief, Solution, Resolution, Triumph, Success

She had to run the gauntlet of difficult interviews to secure the job she wanted.



A difficult or precarious situation from which it is challenging to extricate oneself.

(कच्चा भूमि)

Predicament, Dilemma, Quandary, Predicament, Stalemate, Impasse, Difficulty, Crisis, Problem, Conundrum

Solution, Resolution, Escape, Extrication, Clearing, Triumph, Success, Victory, Assistance, Easement

The company found itself in a financial quagmire, with no easy way out of its mounting debts.



The act of restoring friendly relations or resolving conflicts between individuals, groups, or nations after a disagreement or dispute.


Reunion, Settlement, Harmony, Agreement, Accord, Compromise, Amity, Understanding, Resolution, Rapport

Conflict, Disagreement, Dispute, Discord, Hostility, Estrangement, Alienation, Dissension, Rift, Strife

The successful reconciliation between the warring factions brought peace to the region after years of conflict.



A state of inactivity or lack of change, often in a biological or social context.


Inactivity, Dormancy, Stillness, Static, Standstill, Immobility, Stability, Equilibrium, Rest, Quiescence

Motion, Activity, Change, Progress, Development, Flux, Dynamics, Advancement, Mobility, Growth

The company experienced a period of stasis during the economic downturn, with little growth or change in its operations.



To make a problem, situation, or condition worse or more severe.


Aggravated, Worsened, Escalated, Intensified, Exaggerated, Amplified, Increased, Heightened, Deteriorated, Compounded

Alleviated, Improved, Ameliorated, Mitigated, Relieved, Eased, Lessened, Soothed, Calmed, Assuaged

The lack of rain exacerbated the drought conditions in the region, leading to water shortages and crop failures.



To hinder, obstruct, or impede the progress or movement of something or someone.

(रुकावट डालना)

 Impede, Hinder, Obstruct, Block, Inhibit, Curb, Restrain, Delay, Thwart, Cripple

Facilitate, Assist, Aid, Promote, Advance, Help, Support, Expedite, Clear, Enable

The heavy traffic was hampering our journey, causing delays and frustration among the travelers.

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