The Hindu Vocabulary 22 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 22 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Deep in disarray: On the larger message from the Legislative Assembly of Manipur not being convened".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A state of disorder, confusion, or a lack of organization.


Disorder, Chaos, Confusion, Turmoil, Anarchy, Mess, Pandemonium, Jumble, Tumult, Havoc

Order, Organization, System, Arrangement, Harmony, Structure, Calm, Peace, Control, Regulation

The sudden disarray in the classroom was the result of a surprise fire drill.



To bring people or parties together for a meeting, discussion, or assembly, often for a specific purpose.

(आयोजित किया)

Assembled, Gathered, Called together, Summoned, Organized, Conduced, Arranged, Orchestrated, Convened, Mobilized

Disbanded, Dispersed, Scattered, Cancelled, Dissolved, Adjourned, Discontinued, Separated, Dismissed, Disintegrated

The board of directors convened to discuss the company's financial performance.



Giving cause for alarm or serious concern; very serious or important.


Serious, Solemn, Critical, Important, Weighty, Severe, Significant, Dire, Urgent, Acute

Trivial, Insignificant, Minor, Frivolous, Light, Casual, Nonchalant, Playful, Carefree, Lighthearted

The news of the impending storm was a grave matter for the coastal residents.



A place of burial for the dead.

(मरे हुए लोगों के लिए दफन के स्थल)

Cemetery, Burial ground, Tomb, Sepulcher, Resting place, Necropolis

Birthplace, Cradle, Nursery

The cemetery was a solemn place where people paid their respects to the departed.



The state of being formally connected or associated with an organization, group, or institution.

(संगठन से जुड़ने की स्थिति)

Association, Connection, Alliance, Membership, Relationship, Partnership, Linkage, Union, Bond, Ties

Disaffiliation, Disconnection, Separation, Isolation, Detachment, Estrangement, Disengagement, Division, Disassociation, Alienation

Her affiliation with the charity organization allowed her to contribute to meaningful causes.



Existing or most commonly encountered at a particular time or in a particular place.


Prevalent, Common, Widespread, Dominant, Current, Pervading, Established, Usual, Customary, Normal

Uncommon, Rare, Atypical, Unusual, Exceptional, Infrequent, Aberrant, Irregular, Outlying, Scarce

During the flu season, the prevailing illness in the region was influenza.



The quality or state of being lawful, genuine, or valid according to established laws, rules, or standards.


Legality, Validity, Lawfulness, Authenticity, Genuineness, Rightfulness, Credibility, Justness, Law-abidingness, Righteousness

Illegitimacy, Illegality, Invalidity, Inauthenticity, Falseness, Wrongfulness, Fraudulence, Unlawfulness, Deception, Dishonesty

The legitimacy of the contract was questioned due to certain discrepancies in its terms and conditions.



Suggestion or advice given to someone, typically to help them make a decision or take a course of action.


Advice, Suggestion, Endorsement, Referral, Counselling, Approval, Backing, Advocacy, Support, Guidance

Disapproval, Rejection, Criticism, Denial, Dissent, Opposition, Objection, Condemnation, Censure, Disagreement

Based on her excellent performance, the manager wrote a glowing recommendation letter for her employee's promotion.



Permission or agreement given voluntarily, often in response to a request or proposal.


Agreement, Approval, Permission, Assent, Compliance, Accord, Concurrence, Sanction, Authorization, Blessing

Disapproval, Dissent, Refusal, Rejection, Opposition, Denial, Disagreement, Veto, Repudiation, Decline

The patient's parents gave their consent for the surgery after discussing it with the doctor.



A state of confusion, chaos, or lack of order; a disruption of normal functioning.


Chaos, Confusion, Disorderliness, Turmoil, Anarchy, Disarray, Disorganization, Tumult, Jumble, Commotion

Order, Organization, Arrangement, Harmony, System, Structure, Regularity, Peace, Calm, Stability

The protest led to a state of disorder in the city, with streets blocked and businesses disrupted.



Temporary failure or a slip in concentration, often resulting in an error or mistake. It can also refer to the expiration of a period of time.


Mistake, Error, Oversight, Blunder, Slip, Neglect, Failure, Gaffe, Faux pas, Inattention

Success, Accuracy, Perfection, Attention, Diligence, Precision, Achievement, Vigilance, Care, Correctness

Her lapse in judgment led to a significant error in the financial report.



Sign, signal, or piece of information that suggests or shows the presence or existence of something.


Sign, Signal, Indicator, Clue, Hint, Cue, Mark, Evidence, Manifestation, Symbol

Obscurity, Concealment, Secrecy, Ambiguity, Uncertainty, Deception, Misdirection, Misconception, Misinterpretation, Vagueness

The sudden drop in temperature was an indication that winter was approaching.



To call or request someone to appear or come to a specific place, often for a particular purpose.


Call, Convene, Convoke, Assemble, Mobilize, Rally, Request, Beckon, Bid, Gather

Disperse, Disband, Cancel, Adjourn, Dismiss, Scatter, Send away, Release, Suspend, Abandon

The manager is summoning all employees for an important meeting in the conference room.



Something that holds your attention or interest intensely; it is fascinating or engrossing.


Captivating, Compelling, Fascinating, Absorbing, Engrossing, Entrancing, Thrilling, Spellbinding, Riveting, Mesmerizing

Boring, Dull, Uninteresting, Tedious, Monotonous, Repetitive, Dreary, Uninspiring, Lethargic, Languid

The gripping novel kept me up all night as I couldn't put it down until I finished it.


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