The Hindu Vocabulary 8 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 8 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Building consensus: On the G-20 summit in Delhi, India’s presidency".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A general agreement or opinion reached by a group.


Agreement, Unity, Harmony, Accord, Concurrence, Unanimity, Conformity, Unison, Consistency, Unanimous

Disagreement, Dissent, Discord, Conflict, Division, Disunity, Contradiction, Disapproval, Inconsistency, Divergence

The consensus among the team members was to proceed with the new project.



Irritable, quarrelsome, or easily agitated; prone to causing disputes or conflicts.


Irritable, Argumentative, Testy, Cantankerous, Disputatious, Cross, Petulant, Tetchy, Touchy, Crabby

Calm, Peaceful, Amiable, Harmonious, Agreeable, Placid, Serene, Easygoing, Gentle, Cooperative

The fractious meeting ended with no clear resolution due to constant disagreements.



To collect or bring together items, people, or information from various sources or locations.

(इकट्ठा करना)

Collect, Accumulate, Assemble, Amass, Compile, Round up, Convene, Aggregate, Cluster, Muster

Disperse, Scatter, Distribute, Spread, Disband, Separate, Dissipate, Break up, Disseminate, Sow

The family decided to gather for a reunion during the holidays.



Believing in or advocating for the equality of all individuals, regardless of their social, economic, or political status.

(समानिता वादी)

Equalitarian, Democratic, Fair, Just, Impartial, Equitable, Even-handed, Unbiased, Non-discriminatory

Discriminatory, Biased, Unfair, Inequitable, Uneven, Partisan, Prejudiced, Unjust, Elitist, Hierarchical

He is an egalitarian who believes in equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background.



To have one's progress, ability, or effectiveness severely limited or hindered, often due to external factors or restrictions.


Hindered, Stymied, Restrained, Impeded, Obstructed, Handicapped, Crippled, Fettered, Constrained, Trammelled

Empowered, Enabled, Facilitated, Aided, Assisted, Unleashed, Freed, Liberated, Strengthened, Unshackled

The lack of funding hamstrung the project, preventing it from reaching its full potential.



Made a problem, situation, or feeling worse, more intense, or more severe.


Aggravated, Worsened, Intensified, Escalated, Heightened, Amplified, Irritated, Provoked, Enraged, Inflamed

Alleviated, Improved, Mitigated, Soothed, Eased, Relieved, Calmed, Pacified, Mollified, Assuaged

His constant complaints only exacerbated the tension in the office.



Of vital importance; crucial; giving a command or instruction that must be obeyed.

(अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण)

Critical, Vital, Essential, Crucial, Indispensable, Mandatory, Necessary, Paramount, Urgent, Pressing

Command, Order, Directive, Instruction, Mandate, Decree, Edict, Demand, Requirement, Dictum

The sergeant issued an imperative order to his troops.



The act of making something less severe, painful, or intense; providing relief or easing a burden.


Relief, Mitigation, Easing, Soothing, Reduction, Palliation, Amelioration, Abatement, Subsiding, Diminution

Aggravation, Intensification, Worsening, Exacerbation, Escalation, Increase, Augmentation, Amplification, Heightening, Magnification

The medication provided much-needed alleviation from the patient's pain.



The act of breaking, separating, or dividing something into two or more parts; a sudden and loud cracking or bursting sound.


Dividing, Separating, Breaking, Cleaving, Fragmenting, Severing, Dissecting, Parting, Rending, Snapping

Joining, Combining, Unifying, Merging, Fusing, Connecting, Binding, Fastening, Welding, Consolidating

The splitting of the wood echoed through the quiet forest.



Very thin, weak, or insubstantial; lacking substance or strength.


Thin, Weak, Fragile, Delicate, Slender, Flimsy, Fine, Wispy, Slim, Frail

Thick, Strong, Robust, Substantial, Sturdy, Solid, Dense, Hefty, Bulky, Fat

The tenuous thread held the delicate ornament in place.



In the middle of or surrounded by something; during a particular time or event.

(बीच में)

Amid, Among, Surrounded by, In the midst of, In the middle of, Betwixt, Encircled by, In the heart of, In the thick of, In the center of

Outside, Beyond, Away from, Without, Excluding, Far from, Apart from, Remote from, Absent from, Not including

Amidst the chaos of the city, they found a peaceful park to relax in.



Something that reveals or gives away important information about the plot, ending, or outcome of a story, movie, or event, typically before it's experienced by others.

(खुलासा करने वाला)

Revealer, Leaker, Informant, Unveiler, Tipster, Discloser, Tattletale, Informer, Exposer, Whistleblower

Concealer, Protector, Preserver, Keeper, Guardian, Safeguard, Withholder, Secret-Keeper, Confider, Husher

Please don't be a spoiler and ruin the surprise ending of the movie for others.



The state of being strong, energetic, and full of life; the capacity for sustained physical or mental activity.

(जीवन शक्ति)

Energy, Vigor, Life, Liveliness, Vital Force, Pep, Zest, Animation, Dynamism, Spark

Lethargy, Fatigue, Inactivity, Apathy, Lifelessness, Torpor, Dullness, Weakness, Exhaustion, Listlessness

Her vitality and enthusiasm for her work were truly inspiring.



To make something accessible or available to all people, typically referring to a democratic process.


Equalize, Enfranchise, Popularize, Liberalize, Universalize, Democratify, Open Up, Level the Playing Field, Empower, Broaden Access

Centralize, Monopolize, Restrict, Exclusivize, Privatize, Concentrate, Oppress

The government's goal was to democratize access to education for all citizens.


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