The Hindu Vocabulary 9 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 9 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Eastern hedge: On the need for India to stay closely engaged with ASEAN members".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A fence or boundary formed by a dense row of shrubs or low trees.


Fence, Boundary, Barrier, Enclosure, Hedgerow, Screen, Delineation, Border, Partition, Bush

Opening, Gap, Clearing, Expanse, Void, Perimeter, Limitation, Frontier, Threshold, Entrance

The hedge in our garden provides privacy from the neighbors.



Busy with or involved in a particular activity or task.

(लगे हुए)

Occupied, Busy, Involved, Committed, Active, Working, Occupied, Absorbed, Engrossed, Participating

Idle, Inactive, Unoccupied, Free, Available, Vacant, Unengaged, Disengaged, Detached, Uncommitted

She was fully engaged in her project and didn't have time for other distractions



Relating to or based on customs, beliefs, and practices that have been passed down through generations.


Conventional, Customary, Classic, Time-honored, Old-fashioned, Established, Conformist, Ritualistic, Ancestral, Orthodox

Modern, Innovative, Unconventional, Contemporary, Nontraditional, Avant-garde, Progressive, Novel, Radical, Cutting-edge

They celebrated the festival in a traditional manner, following the customs of their ancestors.



The state of being unsure or not having complete knowledge about something.


Ambiguity, Doubt, Confusion, Indecision, Hesitation, Unpredictability, Instability, Perplexity, Suspicion, Apprehension

Certainty, Clarity, Assurance, Confidence, Surety, Conviction, Definiteness, Security, Trust, Positivity

The uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the election kept everyone on edge.



The act of making something easier or more accessible, often through assistance or support.


Assistance, Support, Help, Aid, Promotion, Enablement, Simplification, Ease, Advancement, Cooperation

Hindrance, Obstruction, Impediment, Hurdle, Inhibition, Complication, Barrier, Resistance, Disruption, Retardation

The facilitation of online learning has become crucial in today's educational landscape.



Having a negative outlook or expecting the worst in situations.


Negative, Gloomy, Dismal, Bleak, Despondent, Cynical, Downbeat, Defeatist, Hopeless, Morose

Optimistic, Positive, Hopeful, Confident, Upbeat, Enthusiastic, Bright, Cheery, Rosy, Sanguine

His pessimistic view of the economy made him hesitant to invest in stocks.



Made a problem, situation, or feeling worse or more intense.

(बढ़ावा देना)

Aggravated, Escalated, Intensified, Worsened, Heightened, Exaggerated, Amplified, Increased, Deteriorated, Inflamed

Alleviated, Eased, Relieved, Soothed, Improved, Mitigated, Lessened, Ameliorated, Pacified, Calmed

His constant complaints only exacerbated the tension in the office.



To restrain, control, or limit something.

(नियंत्रित करना)

Restrain, Control, Limit, Check, Regulate, Suppress, Constrain, Hold back, Restrict, Moderate

Promote, Encourage, Unleash, Free, Release, Permit, Facilitate, Advance, Foster, Stimulate

The government implemented strict measures to curb the spread of the virus.



Causing disturbance or interruption, often in a disruptive or negative manner.


Disturbing, Troublesome, Destructive, Chaotic, Upsetting, Unsettling, Turbulent, Disorderly, Interruptive, Agitating

Orderly, Peaceful, Constructive, Harmonious, Organized, Calm, Stable, Serene, Facilitative, Undisturbed

The disruptive behavior of some students made it challenging for the teacher to maintain a productive class environment.



To make someone feel uneasy, embarrassed, or defeated.

(असहमत करना)

Confound, Confuse, Baffle, Embarrass, Bewilder, Abash, Upset, Fluster, Disconcert, Frustrate

Comfort, Reassure, Encourage, Bolster, Assist, Aid, Soothe, Support, Relieve, Please

Her unexpected question discomfited him during the meeting.



To engage in a close fight or struggle, often involving physical or mental effort.

(लड़ाई करना)

Wrestle, Struggle, Fight, Tussle, Battle, Combat, Contend, Clash, Engage, Scuffle

Release, Surrender, Yield, Relinquish, Abandon, Give up, Disengage, Retreat, Let go, Abdicate

The two wrestlers grappled fiercely for the championship title.



A person or group that is united with another for a common purpose or benefit.


Associate, Friend, Companion, Confidant, Colleague, Cohort, Partner, Supporter, Helper, Accomplice

Foe, Enemy, Adversary, Rival, Opponent, Competitor, Detractor, Opposer, Antagonist, Adversary

She considered him her closest ally in the workplace, always ready to support her ideas and initiatives.


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