The Hindu Vocabulary 12 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 12 September 2023 is from the Editorial title "India’s moment: on the G-20 Summit outcomes".


Part of Speech/Idiom







To rethink and recreate something in a new and imaginative way.

(नवाचित्रण किया गया)

Redesigned, Remodeled, Reinvented, Revamped, Reshaped, Transformed, Overhauled, Recreated, Repurposed, Renewed

Preserved, Maintained, Conserved, Retained, Preset, Fixed, Unaltered, Unchanged, Stagnant, Unmodified

The old building was reimagined as a modern art gallery, attracting visitors from all over the world.



Complete agreement among all members or participants.

(सबसे सहमत)

Consensual, Accordant, In agreement, United, Concurring, Harmonious, Solid, Undivided, Conformable, Congruous

Divided, Disagreement, Dissenting, Conflicting, Discordant, Disputed, Controversial, Fractional, Clashing, Opposing

The team reached a unanimous decision to move forward with the project.



Discussion to reach an agreement or deal.


Discussion, Bargaining, Talks, Deal-making, Diplomacy, Dialogue, Mediation, Conferencing, Parley, Agreement

Disagreement, Discord, Dispute, Standoff, Confrontation, Impasse, Hostility, Opposition, Struggle, Dissension

The negotiation between the two companies resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership.



General agreement or collective opinion.

(सामान्य सहमति)

Agreement, Harmony, Unity, Accord, Unanimity, Conformity, Consistency, Unison, Unanimous Decision, Concurrence

Disagreement, Discord, Dissension, Conflict, Division, Dispute, Contention, Contradiction, Dissonance, Disapproval

The consensus among the team members was that the new project was a great idea.



The act of demanding or requiring something firmly.

(दृढ़ आवश्यकता)

Persistence, Tenacity, Determination, Demand, Assertiveness, Perseverance, Resolve, Urgency, Doggedness, Firmness

Flexibility, Indifference, Leniency, Compliance, Submissiveness, Yielding, Passivity, Reluctance, Acquiescence, Complaisance

Her insistence on quality control helped maintain high product standards.



Not taking sides or showing bias.


Unbiased, Impartial, Unprejudiced, Objective, Uninvolved, Disinterested, Fair, Detached, Even-handed, Indifferent

Biased, Partial, Prejudiced, Partisan, Favoring, Involved, Subjective, Opinionated, Emotionally invested, Unfair

The mediator remained neutral during the conflict resolution process.



Unwilling or hesitant to do something.


Hesitant, Resistant, Unwilling, Disinclined, Averse, Dismissive, Relucting, Loath, Disobliging, Unenthusiastic

Eager, Willing, Enthusiastic, Keen, Ready, Amenable, Cooperative, Inclined, Obliging, Excited

He was reluctant to speak in public due to his shyness.



A brief, vigorous struggle or fight.


Scuffle, Struggle, Clash, Fight, Brawl, Skirmish, Altercation, Quarrel, Conflict, Rumble

Peace, Harmony, Agreement, Truce, Accord, Cooperation, Conciliation, Resolution, Reconciliation, Understanding

There was a tussle over the last piece of cake at the party.



Adjusting or changing to fit new conditions or circumstances.


Adjustment, Modification, Alteration, Conversion, Accommodation, Customization, Transformation, Flexibility, Change, Revision

Rigidity, Resistance, Unadaptability, Inflexibility, Inadaptation, Invariability, Stagnation, Unalterability, Fixity, Constancy

The adaptation of the novel into a movie required several changes to the storyline.



The act of making something less severe or serious.


Alleviation, Reduction, Easing, Lessening, Abatement, Amelioration, Relief, Diminishment, Moderation, Softening

Aggravation, Intensification, Worsening, Escalation, Exacerbation, Amplification, Increase, Augmentation, Heightening, Deterioration

The mitigation of pollution requires the implementation of strict environmental regulations.



Although, even though, or notwithstanding.


Although, Though, Even though, Notwithstanding, Nevertheless, However, Yet, Still, Nonetheless, In spite of

Therefore, Hence, Thus, Consequently, So, Accordingly, As a result, For that reason, Ergo, Henceforth

Albeit it was raining heavily, they decided to go for a walk in the park.



Dull, serious, and reserved in demeanor or character.


Serious, Sedate, Sober, Dignified, Reserved, Prudent, Composed, Unadventurous, Conventional, Restrained

Lively, Playful, Animated, Excitable, Spontaneous, Vivacious, Carefree, Unconventional, Bohemian, Exuberant

His staid personality made him a reliable choice for the leadership position.



Named or called in a particular way.


Named, Titled, Designated, Labeled, Entitled, Styled, Termed, Called, Branded, Identified

Unnamed, Unlabeled, Anonymous, Unspecified, Untitled, Nameless, Undesignated, Unspecified, Unbranded, Unidentified

The movie was dubbed "The Blockbuster of the Year" by critics.


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