The Hindu Vocabulary 11 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 11 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Stocktaking the calamity: On climate crisis and the U.N. Global Stocktake report".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A disastrous event causing great harm or distress.


Disaster, Catastrophe, Misfortune, Tragedy, Crisis, Cataclysm, Adversity, Havoc, Ruin, Woe

Blessing, Fortune, Luck, Prosperity, Success, Happiness, Triumph, Victory, Boon, Advantage

The earthquake was a calamity that affected the entire region.



Intricately means in a complex or detailed manner, with many interconnected parts.


Complexly, Elaborately, Complicatedly, Sophisticatedly, Delicately, Detailedly, Finely, Ornately, Richly, Tightly

Simply, Plainly, Clearly, Easily, Uncomplicatedly, Directly, Plainly, Straightforwardly, Openly, Candidly

The watch was intricately designed with tiny gears and springs, making it a work of art.



Wove is the past tense of "weave," which means to create fabric by interlacing threads.


Interlace, Intertwine, Entwine, Interweave, Plait, Knit, Fabricate, Construct, Form, Create

Unravel, Untangle, Unweave, Disentangle, Untwist, Straighten, Undo, Break, Destroy, Dismantle

She wove a beautiful tapestry with intricate patterns using various colored threads.



Avert means to prevent or turn away from a potential danger or undesirable situation.

 (टाल देना)

Prevent, Avoid, Dodge, Evade, Forestall, Thwart, Sidestep, Hinder, Deter, Ward off

Allow, Permit, Encourage, Accept, Welcome, Embrace, Invite, Face, Confront, Endure

She managed to avert a collision by swerving the car at the last moment.



Reckoning means the process of calculating or determining something.


Calculation, Computation, Estimation, Evaluation, Accounting, Enumeration, Tallying, Assessment, Appraisal, Enumeration

Neglect, Disregard, Ignorance, Negligence, Indifference, Apathy, Inattention, Disinterest, Inadvertence, Carelessness

The reckoning of the company's profits for the year revealed a significant increase in revenue.



To go beyond a limit or target.

 (पार करना)

Exceed, Surpass, Overstep, Transcend, Outstrip, Outdo, Outrun, Pass, Top, Go beyond

Fall short, Underachieve, Lag behind, Miss, Undershoot, Fail to reach, Stay within limits, Come up short, Fail to exceed, Remain below

The stock price overshot its expected value, causing concern among investors.



The act of reducing the severity or impact of something.


Alleviation, Reduction, Lessening, Diminishment, Moderation, Abatement, Easing, Amelioration, Relief, Softening

Aggravation, Escalation, Intensification, Worsening, Exacerbation, Augmentation, Increase, Heightening, Deterioration, Amplification

The mitigation of pollution is crucial for a healthier environment.



The act of deliberately avoiding or abstaining from something.


Avoidance, Abstention, Avoiding, Refusal, Renunciation, Repudiation, Shunning, Denial, Rejection, Evasion

Acceptance, Embrace, Adoption, Pursuit, Inclusion, Encouragement, Indulgence, Embracing, Welcome, Adherence

His eschewal of sugary foods was part of his efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle.



A pointed or projecting part of an object, typically a fork-like shape.


Tine, Spike, Point, Spur, Prick, Barb, Projection, Dent, Tip, Prominence

Blunt, Rounded, Smooth, Flat, Dull, Rounded-off, Unpointed, Rounded-edge, Edgeless, Non-protruding

The prong of the fork is used for picking up food.



A significant and sudden advance or discovery.


Discovery, Advancement, Innovation, Milestone, Achievement, Revelation, Find, Progress, Game-changer, Invention

Stagnation, Setback, Regression, Standstill, Obstacle, Hurdle, Blockage, Impediment, Barrier, Hindrance

The scientist's breakthrough in cancer research gave hope to millions of patients.


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