The Hindu Vocabulary 13 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 13 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Central point: On the Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls."


Part of Speech/Idiom







The act of preparing and organizing resources, such as troops, equipment, or people, for a specific purpose or task, often related to military or emergency readiness.


Deployment, Organization, Activation, Preparation, Readiness, Assembly, Arrangement, Recruitment, Conduction, Management

Demobilization, Disbandment, Deactivation, Dispersal, Disorganization, Breakdown, Inactivity, Standstill, Inaction, Stagnation

The mobilization of volunteers was crucial in responding to the disaster.



The act of abandoning or renouncing one's loyalty, allegiance, or membership in a group or organization, often to join a different one.


Desertion, Betrayal, Abandonment, Apostasy, Renunciation, Rebellion, Revolt, Treason, Secession, Forsaking

Loyalty, Allegiance, Adherence, Fidelity, Faithfulness, Devotion, Staunchness, Commitment, Dedication, Constancy

The defector provided valuable information about the enemy's plans.



To seize or take over something, especially power, authority, or a position, often unlawfully or forcefully.


Seize, Appropriate, Confiscate, Taken Overtook, Commandeer, Expropriate

Surrender, Relinquish, Abandon, Yield

The ambitious General usurped the throne, leading to a coup in the kingdom.



The sentiment or public dissatisfaction with the current government or incumbent officials, often leading to their defeat in elections.

(विरोधी लहर)

Public Discontent, Dissatisfaction, Electoral Backlash, Unpopularity

Pro-incumbency, Support, Approval, Popularity, Acclamation, Endorsement, Admiration, Favour, Backing, Approbation

The election results reflected a strong wave of anti-incumbency, leading to a change in leadership.



To gather or collect a large quantity of something over time.

(जमा करना)

Amass, Gather, Collect, Hoard, Stockpile, Accrue, Aggregate, Pile Up, Build Up, Cumulate

Disperse, Distribute, Scatter, Deplete, Spend, Squander, Dissipate, Separate, Spread, Divert

She had a habit of accumulating books and soon her shelves were filled to capacity.



Placing money or wagers on the outcome of an event, often involving uncertainty, in the hope of winning more money.


Gambling, Wagering, Gaming, Betting, Staking, Speculation, Punting, Risking, Ante, Pecuniary

Abstaining, Refraining, Avoiding, Eschewing, Non-gambling, Non-wagering, Non-betting, Non-speculation, Non-staking, Non-risking

He enjoyed betting on horse races as a form of entertainment.



Extreme physical or mental tiredness resulting from exertion or prolonged stress.


Exhaustion, Weariness, Tiredness, Lethargy, Wear and Tear, Enervation, Depletion, Burnout, Drained, Weary

Vitality, Energy, Vigor, Strength, Refreshment, Rejuvenation, Invigoration, Rest, Resilience, Zest

After a long day at work, she felt a deep sense of fatigue and just wanted to rest.



To postpone or delay something to a later time.


Postpone, Delay, Put off, Adjourn, Reschedule, Procrastinate, Shelve, Temporize, Suspend, Hold over

Expedite, Advance, Hasten, Accelerate, Push forward, Speed up, Quicken, Rush, Shorten, Precipitate

Due to unexpected circumstances, they had to defer their meeting to the following week.



Intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.


Zeal, Eagerness, Passion, Excitement, Fervor, Ardor, Fervency, Keenness, Gusto, Vigor

Apathy, Indifference, Boredom, Lethargy, Weariness, Disinterest, Aversion, Languor, Tedium, Lack of enthusiasm

Her enthusiasm for the project was contagious and motivated the whole team to work with passion.



The weight or heaviness of something, especially when considered in relation to its size.


Weight, Mass, Bulk, Heaviness, Load, Burden, Pressure, Gravity, Substance, Importance

Lightness, Littleness, Levity, Insignificance, Triviality, Negligibility, Unimportance, Feathery, Insignificancy, Lack of heft

The heft of the suitcase made it difficult to carry up the stairs.



To jump or dive quickly and energetically into something, often a body of water. It can also mean to fall or drop suddenly and steeply.


Dive, Jump, Submerge, Plunk, Immerse, Duck, Descend, Swoop, Nose-dive, Sink

Rise, Ascend, Climb, Ascension, Soar, Ascendancy, Ascendence, Uprising, Climbing, Emerge

She decided to take the plunge and go skydiving for the first time.



Large in size, amount, or degree; significant or noteworthy.


Substantial, Significant, Sizeable, Abundant, Ample, Copious, Extensive, Sizable, Notable, Important

Insignificant, Negligible, Tiny, Trivial, Minor, Meager, Inconsiderable, Paltry, Frivolous, Unimportant

The project required a considerable amount of time and resources to complete.



In a way that is natural and untaught; without conscious thought or reasoning.

(स्वाभाविक रूप से)

Intuitively, Spontaneously, Unconsciously, Automatically, Reflexively, Innately, Natively, Inherently, Instinctually, Involuntarily

Deliberately, Rationally, Consciously, Willfully, Purposefully, Calculatingly, Thoughtfully, Mindfully, Cognitively, Considerately

She instinctively reached out to catch the falling glass before it shattered on the floor

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