The Hindu Vocabulary 12 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 12 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Local sentiments: On the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council-Kargil election".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A view or attitude toward a situation or event; an emotion or feeling in response to something.


Feeling, Emotion, View, Opinion, Attitude, Belief, Mood, Disposition, Outlook, Reaction

Apathy, Indifference, Stoicism, Insensitivity, Numbness, Unconcern, Callousness, Detachment, Objectivity, Rationality

The sentiment in the room was one of excitement and anticipation as they waited for the announcement.



Making a dull, heavy sound, typically one that is loud and rhythmic; extremely large or great in size, extent, or degree.


Pounding, Beating, Banging, Booming, Resounding, Roaring, Thundering, Huge, Massive, Tremendous

Quiet, Silent, Subdued, Whispering, Muffled, Inaudible, Unimpressive, Tiny, Miniature, Modest

The thumping music from the concert could be heard from blocks away.



Having a dull edge or point; straightforward and honest in speech or manner, often to the point of rudeness; not sharp or acute.


Dull, Blurred, Sharp, Pointless, Frank, Candid, Straightforward, Abrupt, Curt, Rough

Sharp, Pointed, Sharp-witted, Tactful, Diplomatic, Polite, Refined, Keen, Acute, Edged

His blunt critique, although harsh, was valuable for improving the project.



A person who moves from one place to another, often to find work or better living conditions; a bird or animal that migrates seasonally.


Immigrant, Nomad, Wanderer, Traveler, Emigrant, Itinerant, Vagrant, Roamer, Transient, Gypsy

Resident, Native, Settler, Sedentary, Permanent, Local, Non-migrant, Inhabitant, Stay-at-home

The migrant workers traveled long distances in search of employment opportunities.



Thinly dispersed or scattered; not dense or crowded; having few elements or items within a space.

(बिखरा हुआ)

Scattered, Thin, Scanty, Limited, Meager, Slight, Few, Infrequent, Rare, Uncommon

Dense, Abundant, Packed, Crowded, Thick, Plentiful, Numerous, Overflowing, Prolific, Copious

The forest was so dense in some areas, but in others, the trees were sparse and widely spaced.



The act of reuniting or bringing together once again, often referring to the reunification of divided territories or people.


Reconciliation, Rejoining, Reassembly, Reconciliation, Reintegration, Reestablishment, Rejoining, Reconnection, Reunion, Reassembling

Separation, Division, Disunity, Disconnection, Discord, Partition, Split, Estrangement, Segregation, Breakup

The reunification of the two long-separated families was a joyous occasion.



To make or become broader or more extensive in size or scope; to increase the width of something.


Broaden, Expand, Enlarge, Extend, Stretch, Dilate, Grow, Increase, Spread, Augment

Narrow, Contract, Reduce, Decrease, Shrink, Constrict, Tighten, Limit, Restrain, Constrain

The construction project will widen the road to accommodate more traffic.



The act of organizing something again or differently, often to improve its efficiency or structure.


Restructuring, Reordering, Rearrangement, Reshuffling, Reconfiguration, Overhaul, Revamp, Reformation, Recasting, Remodeling

Disorganization, Chaos, Mess, Confusion, Disorder, Fragmentation, Breakdown, Dismantling, Deconstruction, Decompartmentalization

The company's reorganization led to a more streamlined and efficient operation.



A mixture or blend of different elements, often resulting in a harmonious combination; a combination of metals, typically in an alloy.


Mixture, Blend, Fusion, Composite, Union, Combination, Concoction, Medley, Alloy, Melange

Division, Separation, Isolation, Disunity, Segregation, Disconnection, Disintegration, Dissolution, Fragmentation, Decomposition

The dish was an amalgam of various culinary influences, creating a unique and delicious flavor.



Arousing or relating to emotion; something that evokes strong feelings or emotional responses.


Emotional, Sentimental, Affecting, Touching, Moving, Stirring, Passionate, Heartfelt, Expressive, Evocative

Unemotional, Apathetic, Cold, Indifferent, Stoic, Dispassionate, Insensitive, Detached, Reserved, Calm

The movie's emotive storytelling brought tears to many viewers' eyes.



To make an unpleasant feeling less intense; to satisfy or relieve a need or desire.

(शांति देना)

Soothe, Alleviate, Mitigate, Relieve, Calm, Palliate, Allay, Quell, Ease, Mollify

Aggravate, Intensify, Worsen, Escalate, Irritate, Inflame, Heighten, Provoke, Exacerbate, Agitate

The warm tea helped assuage her sore throat, making her feel better.


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