The Hindu Vocabulary 11 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 11 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Original sin: on the attack on Israel and the occupation of Palestine."


Part of Speech/Idiom







Never done or experienced before; unique, unparalleled.


Unique, Unparalleled, Extraordinary, Exceptional, Novel, Rare, Remarkable, Incomparable, Singular, Innovational

Common, Ordinary, Usual, Typical, Conventional, Familiar, Routine, Predictable, Standard, Traditional

The unprecedented success of their project motivated everyone in the company.



A sudden burst of bright light or flame; to burn brightly and briefly.


Blaze, Flash, Ignition, Glare, Spark, Burst, Radiance, Illumination, Incandescence, Flicker

Dim, Dull, Fade, Extinguish, Smolder, Gloom, Obscurity, Darkness, Quench, Flicker

The fireworks created a beautiful flare of colours in the night sky.



A sudden invasion or attack, often involving a hostile entry into a place.


Invasion, Raid, Attack, Onslaught, Assault, Foray, Encroachment, Intrusion, Penetration, Onset

Retreat, Withdrawal, Evacuation, Departure, Exodus, Abstention, Exemption, Avoidance, Avoidance, Evasion

The enemy's incursion into the territory was met with fierce resistance from the defending forces.



To thoroughly examine, repair, or renovate something, often to improve its condition or functionality.


Renovate, Refurbish, Revamp, Upgrade, Restore, Repair, Redevelop, Modernize, Refit, Recondition

Neglect, Abandon, Ruin, Deteriorate, Damage, Ignore, Neglect, Ignore, Disrepair, Break

The mechanic had to overhaul the entire engine to get the old car running smoothly again.



Tending to remind someone of something; evoking memories or similarities to the past.

(याद दिलाने वाला)

Evocative, Redolent, Suggestive, Resonant, Akin, Similar, Recollective, Reflective, Eliciting, Nostalgic

Unrelated, Dissimilar, Unreminiscent, Forgettable, Unconnected, Unsimilar, Irrelevant, Disconnected, Unrelated, Incongruous

The old photograph was reminiscent of the happy days they spent together as children.



Dealing with things sensibly and realistically; practical and focused on achieving practical results.


Practical, Realistic, Sensible, Rational, Logical, Prudent, Utilitarian, Matter-of-fact, Businesslike, Efficient

Idealistic, Impractical, Unrealistic, Visionary, Fanciful, Romantic, Utopian, Speculative, Fantastical, Impracticable

His pragmatic approach to problem-solving helped the team find practical solutions to complex issues.



Surrounded by an opposing force, typically during a military conflict; overwhelmed or overwhelmed with problems or difficulties.

(घेरा डाला)

Surrounded, Encircled, Enveloped, Beset, Hemmed in, Under attack, Overwhelmed, Harassed, Bombarded, Overrun

Free, Unencumbered, Liberated, Unburdened, Independent, Unrestricted, Rescued, Released, Protected, Unoppressed

The besieged city had been under constant attack for weeks, making life within its walls extremely difficult.



To exhale fumes.


Angry, Furious, Irate, Incensed, Wrathful, Infuriated, Enraged, Mad, Outraged, Livid

Calm, Composed, Serene, Placid, Tranquil, Relaxed, Unperturbed, Collected, Cool, Soothing

After the mishap, she was fuming with anger, and her face turned bright red.



To pause or hold back momentarily in uncertainty or reluctance; to be indecisive or unsure.

(हिचकिचाना/ संकोच करना)

Pause, Waver, Vacillate, Dither, Teeter, Halt, Falter, Dawdle, Procrastinate, Stumble

Decide, Act, Proceed, Advance, Commit, Resolve, Proceed, Charge, Rush, Forge

She didn't hesitate to lend a helping hand to her friend in need.



The act of adjusting or reorganizing something to make it more efficient, effective, or in line with new objectives or circumstances.


Reorganization, Restructuring, Reshuffling, Rearrangement, Redesign, Reordering, Reconfiguration, Overhaul, Adjustment, Revamp

Disorganization, Chaos, Confusion, Disorder, Disarray, Turmoil, Instability, Dismantling, Fragmentation, Deconstruction

The realignment of the company's departments led to improved communication and productivity.



The act of restoring friendly relations between individuals or groups; the process of making two conflicting ideas or beliefs compatible.


Settlement, Resolution, Harmony, Accord, Agreement, Understanding, Compromise, Peace, Rapport, Consolation

Conflict, Discord, Disagreement, Hostility, Estrangement, Feud, Dispute, Alienation, Rivalry, Antagonism

The reconciliation between the two warring factions brought an end to years of conflict.



To be victorious or gain dominance; to succeed or be widespread despite challenges or obstacles.

(विजयी होना)

Succeed, Triumph, Conquer, Win, Overcome, Subdue, Dominate, Master, Rule, Flourish

Fail, Lose, Surrender, Yield, Succumb, Give in, Retreat, Falter, Collapse, Be defeated

Despite the odds, their determination allowed them to prevail in the face of adversity.

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