The Hindu Vocabulary 10 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 10 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “NewsClick non-case: On the strange case of a terrorism FIR without a terrorist act".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A natural inclination or tendency to behave in a particular way or have a particular interest.


Inclination, Tendency, Predisposition, Predilection, Proclivity, Bent, Bias, Likelihood, Disposition, Habit

Aversion, Disinclination, Reluctance, Resistance, Repulsion, Disinterest, Indifference, Antipathy, Hesitation, Detachment

His propensity for adventure led him to explore remote and dangerous places.



Unclear or imprecise, lacking definite shape, form, or meaning.


Unclear, Ambiguous, Indistinct, Hazy, Nebulous, Obscure, Confused, Murky, Fuzzy, Uncertain

Clear, Precise, Distinct, Definite, Explicit, Obvious, Specific, Plain, Transparent, Unambiguous

Her instructions were so vague that no one understood what she wanted.



A mixture or blend of different elements, often combined to form a unified whole.


Mixture, Blend, Fusion, Compound, Composite, Combination, Union, Integration, Concoction, Mélange

Separation, Disunion, Division, Segregation, Isolation, Disconnection, Fragmentation, Disintegration, Decomposition, Distinctness

The painting was an amalgam of various artistic styles and influences.



A charge or claim that someone has done something wrong or illegal, often without proof.


Allegation, Charge, Claim, Indictment, Imputation, Assertion, Blame, Censure, Denunciation, Insinuation

Defense, Justification, Vindication, Exoneration, Acquittal, Praise, Commendation, Applause, Endorsement, Approval

The accusation of theft against him was proven false when the real thief was caught on camera



Deep-seated hatred, hostility, or antagonism between individuals, groups, or nations.


Hostility, Animosity, Hatred, Rancor, Antipathy, Animus, Bitterness, Spite, Malice, Acrimony

Friendship, Amity, Harmony, Affection, Camaraderie, Concord, Peace, Reconciliation, Rapport, Understanding

The enmity between the two rival gangs had lasted for years, leading to numerous conflicts.



To introduce, instill, or imbue something, such as a quality or flavor, into another substance or situation.


Imbue, Instill, Inject, Introduce, Inculcate, Impregnate, Perfuse, Suffuse, Immerse, Infuse

Remove, Extract, Withdraw, Deplete, Drain, Empty, Eject, Evacuate, Expel, Extract

She wanted to infuse positivity and motivation into her team's work environment.



To convey or imply, often with the suggestion of a hidden or deeper meaning. 

(अभिप्रेषित करना)

Convey, Imply, Suggest, Intimate, Indicate, Insinuate, Mean, Signify, Hint, Allude

Explicate, Clarify, Elaborate, Explain, Illuminate, Spell out, Simplify, State, Describe, Specify

The author's words seemed to purport a hidden message that readers tried to decipher.



A state of restlessness, excitement, or anxiety, often accompanied by visible or emotional disturbance.


Disturbance, Excitement, Turbulence, Unrest, Stir, Commotion, Upheaval, Frenzy, Disquiet, Tumult

Calm, Serenity, Tranquility, Peace, Stillness, Composure, Rest, Quiet, Hush, Harmony

The political agitation in the city led to protests and demonstrations in the streets.



To instigate, provoke, or encourage undesirable actions, typically in a political or social context.


Incite, Instigate, Provoke, Encourage, Stimulate, Stir up, Rouse, Kindle, Ignite, Spark

Suppress, Quell, Dampen, Stifle, Calm, Soothe, Discourage, Halt, Prevent, Abate

The agitators tried to foment unrest among the protesters, but the authorities maintained control.



Tending to promote or contribute to a particular result or outcome; favorable or advantageous.


Favorable, Beneficial, Helpful, Advantageous, Supportive, Promotive, Facilitative, Propitious, Proposing, Encouraging

Unfavorable, Inhibitive, Detrimental, Hindering, Counterproductive, Adverse, Unhelpful, Obstructive, Impeding, Disadvantageous

The peaceful atmosphere in the library is conducive to focused studying.



To investigate or examine thoroughly, often to uncover information or facts.


Investigate, Examine, Inspect, Scrutinize, Research, Explore, Study, Analyze, Search, Inquire

Ignore, Neglect, Overlook, Disregard, Avoid, Shun, Neglect, Skim, Glance, Misjudge

The detective was assigned to probe the mysterious disappearance of the valuable painting.



Said to have happened or to be true, but not yet proven or confirmed; claimed.


Supposed, Claimed, Reported, Purported, Presumed, Apparent, So-called, Ostensible, Suspected, Deemed

Proven, Confirmed, Verified, Established, Actual, Authentic, True, Evident, Validated, Substantiated

The alleged thief was apprehended, pending further investigation into the incident.


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