The Hindu Vocabulary 9 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 9 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Revenue riddles: On GST inflows and areas of concern".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A puzzling question, problem, or statement that requires creative thinking to solve, often with a hidden or unexpected meaning.


Puzzle, Enigma, Mystery, Conundrum, Brainteaser, Paradox, Clue, Problem, Mystery, Quandary, Teaser

Solution, Answer, Explanation, Clarification, Comprehension, Clarity, Transparency, Simplicity, Certainty, Truth

The ancient scroll contained a riddle that had baffled scholars for centuries.



Close examination, careful inspection, or critical evaluation of something.


Examination, Inspection, Analysis, Assessment, Evaluation, Investigation, Observation, Surveillance, Review, Audit

Neglect, Disregard, Inattention, Indifference, Omission, Overlook, Ignore, Nonchalance, Inattention, Carelessness

The financial records of the company were under scrutiny to identify any irregularities.



A small amount or a trace of something.

(थोड़ा सा)

Bit, Smidgen, Trace, Dash, Speck, Modicum, Slight amount, Fragment, Scintilla, Jot

Abundance, Plentitude, Excess, Surfeit, Profusion, Deluge, Flood, Overflow, Surplus, Ample

He added just a tad of sugar to his coffee to sweeten it slightly.



To continue firmly or obstinately in an action or belief despite opposition or difficulties.

(दृढ़ रहना)

Continue, Endure, Persevere, Persist, Carry on, Remain, Prevail, Stick, Keep going, Hang on, Sustain

Quit, Give up, Surrender, Yield, Abandon, Discontinue, Cease, Relinquish, Stop, Halt

She decided to persist in her efforts to master the challenging skill.



To stop the flow or growth of something, or to originate from a particular source.


Halt, Check, Stop, Block, Arrest, Quell, Restrain, Control, Slow, Cease, Stem from

Promote, Encourage, Foster, Accelerate, Boost, Escalate, Spur, Advance, Facilitate, Aid

They worked to stem the spread of the disease by implementing strict hygiene measures.



To refrain from harming or using something, or to have extra without using it.


Save, Preserve, Conserve, Protect, Reserve, Hold back, Keep, Retain, Sustain, Hoard

Waste, Consume, Use, Squander, Deplete, Expend, Spend, Utilize, Exhaust, Dispose

He decided to spare some time for his family after a busy week at work.



The ability to withstand adversity, bounce back from challenges, or recover quickly from setbacks.


Toughness, Adaptability, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength, Fortitude, Stamina, Robustness, Tenacity, Pliability

Vulnerability, Fragility, Weakness, Helplessness, Sensitivity, Susceptibility, Delicacy, Frailty, Infirmity, Instability

Her resilience in the face of adversity inspired everyone around her.



Perceptible or noticeable; capable of being seen, heard, or understood.


Perceptible, Observable, Apparent, Detectable, Evident, Clear, Noticeable, Discernable, Visible, Recognizable

Imperceptible, Hidden, Obscure, Invisible, Unnoticeable, Indiscernible, Unseen, Concealed, Inconspicuous, Undetectable

There was a discernible improvement in her performance after receiving additional training.



To send money as payment, to forgive or cancel a debt, or to return a matter to a lower court for further consideration.


Send, Transmit, Transfer, Pay, Settle, Pardon, Forgive, Cancel, Clear, Relinquish, Dispatch

Receive, Withhold, Retain, Keep, Charge, Collect, Keep, Hold, Retain, Maintain

He will remit the payment for the services rendered by the contractor.



Required or compulsory, often by law or rule.


Compulsory, Obligatory, Required, Necessary, Essential, Prescribed, Binding, Enforced, Prerequisite, Involuntary

Optional, Voluntary, Discretionary, Elective, Non-compulsory, Permissive, Unforced, Volitional, Facultative, Unnecessary

Wearing a helmet is mandatory for all motorcycle riders in this city to ensure their safety.



The unintended escape or release of a substance or information through a crack, hole, or other opening.


Seepage, Drip, Escape, Spillage, Discharge, Outflow, Emanation, Percolation, Oozing, Overflow

Containment, Closure, Sealing, Retention, Blockage, Stoppage, Prevention, Confinement, Holding, Restraint

The leakage from the water pipe caused damage to the ceiling of the room below.


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