The Hindu Vocabulary 21 June 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 21 June 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Designation failure: On China’s decision to block terror tag for Lashkar leader.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







The act of identifying.

A distinguished title or name.

The relation between a sign and the thing conveyed.

Nomination or appointment to an office.


Appellation, Appellative, Cognomen, Denotation, Name, Nomenclature, Title, Moniker, Nickname, Classification, Recognition

Rejection, Removal, Blackball, Expulsion, Ejection

Mrigesh has been promoted to the designation of Senior Manager.



Something that tends to prove or disprove something.


Attestation, Confirmation, Proof, Substantiation

Disproof, Conceal, Hide, Obscure

I am collecting evidence to present in the court and make my case.

Deja vu


The feeling of previously experiencing something that really has been encountered before.

The illusion of remembering some scenes when experiencing something.

Something overly familiar.

(पहले किसी ऐसी चीज का अनुभव करने की अनुभूति जो वास्तव में पहले हुई हो।)

Familiarity, Recall, Recognition


I entered my childhood home in my village and felt a sense of déjà vu.



An assemblage of things laid one upon the other.

(ढेर/ लट्ठा/ स्तूप/ पुल का आधार/ ऊन/ ज़ख़ीरा)

Accumulation, Assortment, Chunk, Hill, Hunk, Jumble, Lump, Mass, Bundle, Pot, Wad, Affluence

Ditch, Hole, Poverty

I have to complete a pile of tasks this week.


To lay in a pile.

To accumulate.

To accumulate money, debt, backlog, etc.

(ढेर लगाना/ इकट्ठा करना/ टाल लगाना/ बोझना)

Accumulate, Assemble, Collect, Fill, Heap, Load

Disperse, Divide, Scatter, Spend

He has been under the pile of debts taken during the last five years.



To follow to the end.

To bring legal action against a crime.

To carry on a legal suit.

(पीछा करना/ अनुसरण करना/ निर्वाह करना/ मुक़दमा करना)

Arraign, Indict, Litigate, Sue, Summon, Try, Contest, Conduct, Engage, Execute, Pursue, Continue, Direct

Exonerate, Halt, Cease, Clear, Liberate, Pardon, Free, Ignore, Leave, Neglect, fail

My father was generous enough to not prosecute the thieves for returning the stolen jewelry.



The act of confining in a prison or some confinement.

(कैद होना/ कारावास/ जेल/ क़ैद करना/ कैन/ बंदीकरण)

Captivity, Confinement, Custody, Incarceration, Isolation, Bondage, Durance, Duress

Freedom, Liberty, Discharge, Liberation

Going to northern regions in winter is like imprisonment in an ice jail.



Abolish, invalidate, or reverse (a previous system, decision, situation, etc.).


Cancel, Reverse, Rescind, Override, Overthrow


My father has overturned my decision of going on a family vacation.



A person proved guilty of an offense.

A person serving a prison sentence.

(मिद्धदोष अपराधी)

Con, Jailbird, Captive, Felon, Prisoner, Loser, Malefactor, Lifer, Trusty, Inmate


His friend is a convict.


To prove to be guilty.

To convince of errors or crime.

(अपराधी घोषित करना/ दोष सिद्ध करना/ सिद्धदोष ठहराना/ दोषी ठहराना)

Condemn, Imprison, Sentence, Adjudge

Free, Exonerate, Liberate, Release, Absolve, Acquit, Clear, Exculpate

Police have finally captured the convicted felon who escaped from jail.



To cover over completely.

To overpower in thought.

To load with an overpowering amount of anything.

(डूब/ विह्वल करना/ अभिभूत करना)

Crush, Defeat, Deluge, Destroy, Engulf, Inundate, Bewilder, Confound, Confuse, Demoralize, Surprise, Swamp, Overcome, Overpower

Encourage, Inspirit, Lose, Surrender, Underwhelm, Comfort, Enlighten, Yield, Explain

Henry was overwhelmed by remorse.



Causing regret.

Deserving regret.

Something that is being thought of as bad and that should not happen.

(पछतावा करने योग्य/ खेदजनक)

Calamitous, Deplorable, Dire, Grievous, Disappointing, Heartbreaking, Lamentable, Dreadful, Shameful

Cheerful, Comforting, Joyous, Fortunate, Good, Happy, Pleasing, Gratifying, Heartwarming, Rewarding, Lucky

The Russia-Ukraine war will be a regrettable incident for future generations.



Sharpness or bitterness of nature, words,  feelings, etc.

(किसी चीज पर बल कम या संतुलित करना)

Acidity, Vitriol, Asperity, Virulence, Bile, Tartness, Virulency, Acridity, Bitterness, Acerbity

Love, Benevolence, Mildness, Sympathy, Civility, Courtesy, Kindness, Liking, Softness, Oiliness

The dispute between John and Jacob resulted in increased acrimony among their families.



Involving two parties, especially countries.

Involving both or two sides.



Mutual, Reciprocal, Respective, Two-sided

Multilateral, Unilateral

India’s bilateral ties with Russia are old and strong.



The act of not liking or agreeing with someone or something.

An expression of disapproval.

(आपत्ति/ एतराज़/ विप्रतिपत्ति/ असम्मति)

Challenge, Criticism, Difficulty, Disapproval, Doubt, Exception, Grievance, Opposition, Protest, Rejection

Acceptance, Agreement, Allowance, Answer, Compliment, Contentment, Happiness, Harmony, Approval, Calm

He has filed an objection to the proposal.


To move with a brush or broom.

To destroy completely.

To pass with a swift continuous movement.

(झाड़ू लगाना/ तेज़ी से निकल जाना)

Clean, Clear, Broom, Pass, Sail, Tear, Brush, Breeze

Flounder, Struggle

The storm swept the dust into our house.



To furnish with loopholes.

(खामियों के साथ प्रस्तुत करने के लिए।)



He loopholed the entire system in front of his friends.


A means of escape or evading a law.

A small opening in a wall for looking through.

An opening or aperture.

(बचाव का रास्ता)

Alternative, Technicality, Outlet, Break, Keyhole, Exit, Inlet, Slit, Intake, Wormhole, Space

Fill, Patch, Plug, Seal, Barrier, Obstacle, Obstruction

She saved tax by taking advantage to loophole in the tax law.



The act of passing judgment on the merits of anything.

A comment that expresses disapproval of something or someone.


Critique, Examen, Assessment, Comment, Opinion, Denunciation, Objection

Approval, Compliment, Flattery, Estimation

The move by the central government has attracted nothing but criticism.



The carrying out of some plan.

The act of pursuing.

(अनुसरण / पालन/ परिणाम/ अनुसार)

Aftermath, Consequence, Development, Event, Fallout, Issue, Exploration, Hunting, Interrogation, Realization, Aftereffect, Backwash, Achievement, Act, Conduct, Work, Determination, Grit

Beginning, Cause, Question, Origin, Commencement, Start, Failure, Disregard, Neglect, Apathy, Indifference

He ordered an investigation in the department in pursuance of a bigger investigation probe going on.



To run off the rails.

To obstruct the progress.

(प्रगति में बाधा डालना/ पटरी से उतरना)

Crash, Hinder, Thwart, Wreck

Aid, Assist, Encourage, Forward

The incident at the hotel derailed our tour.



Relating to geopolitics.




Oil is a geopolitical issue and can change the face of geopolitics.

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