The Hindu Vocabulary 28 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 28 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Dramatic shift: On the AIADMK snapping ties with the BJP".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Hostile or aggressive behavior.


Aggressiveness, Hostility, Antagonism, Combativeness, Pugnacity, Bellicosity, Truculence, Militancy, Quarrelsomeness, Contentiousness

Pacifism, Peacefulness, Friendliness, Nonaggression, Conciliation, Amicability, Harmony, Compromise, Reconciliation, Cooperation

His belligerence often led to conflicts with his colleagues at work.



Dependence on someone or something for support or trust.


Dependence, Trust, Confidence, Relying, Faith, Assurance, Reliance upon, Counting on, Trustworthiness, Reliability

Distrust, Mistrust, Doubt, Skepticism, Uncertainty, Disbelief, Misgiving, Unreliability, Insecurity, Hesitation

Her success was built on the strong reliance she had on her team.



Making a sudden, sharp sound or breaking quickly.

(तेज़ आवाज़ को निकालना)

Cracking, Popping, Clicking, Bursting, Crumbling, Fracturing, Breaking, Exploding, Splitting, Rupturing

Silencing, Quieting, Muffling, Suppressing, Calming, Soothing, Softening, Stillness, Peace, Hushing

The twig snapping underfoot startled the hiker in the quiet forest.



A feeling of friendliness and goodwill among people.


Friendliness, Amicability, Affability, Cordiality, Comradeship, Geniality, Warmth, Camaraderie, Sociability, Hospitality

Hostility, Animosity, Enmity, Aloofness, Antagonism, Dislike, Coldness, Unfriendliness, Reserve, Unkindness

The bonhomie at the family gathering made everyone feel welcome.



The reestablishment of cordial relations, especially between countries or groups.


Reconciliation, Reunion, Reestablishment, Harmony, Understanding, Amity, Reconnection, Rapport, Reconciliation, Detente

Estrangement, Discord, Hostility, Alienation, Disunity, Conflict, Division, Enmity, Disagreement, Feud

The rapprochement between the two neighboring nations brought hope for peace in the region.



A partnership or association between individuals or groups.


Partnership, Union, Coalition, Collaboration, Federation, Association, Affiliation, Cooperation, Confederation, Pact

Rivalry, Opposition, Hostility, Conflict, Discord, Enmity, Disagreement, Separation, Dissociation, Alienation

The alliance between the two companies resulted in a successful merger and increased market share.



Extremely important or essential.


Vital, Critical, Pivotal, Essential, Significant, Indispensable, Key, Paramount, Imperative, Decisive

Insignificant, Trivial, Unimportant, Irrelevant, Minor, Nonessential, Inconsequential, Negligible, Dispensable, Optional

The crucial decision to invest in research and development led to the company's innovative breakthrough.



The act of making something weaker, less concentrated, or diluted.


Thinning, Weakening, Reduction, Diluting, Attenuation, Decrease, Diminution, Softening, Debilitation, Dispersal

Concentration, Strength, Intensification, Augmentation, Enrichment, Fortification, Increase, Enhancement, Reinforcement, Accumulation

The dilution of the solution resulted in a less potent mixture, affecting the experiment's outcome.



To repeat or say something again, often for emphasis or clarity.

 (पुनरावृत्ति करना)

Repeat, Recapitulate, Echo, Restate, Iterate, Duplicate, Reecho, Retell, Parrot, Recite

Cease, Stop, Halt, Discontinue, Abandon, Desist, Refrain, Conclude, Finish, End

The teacher asked the students to reiterate the key points of the lesson to ensure understanding.



Willing to obey others and fulfill their needs or wishes, often to an excessive degree.


Obedient, Servile, Compliant, Submissive, Docile, Conforming, Slavish, Meek, Yielding, Duteous

Independent, Assertive, Autonomous, Self-reliant, Unyielding, Defiant, Dominant, Self-sufficient, Resistant, Rebellious

Her subservient attitude made her the go-to person for completing tasks in the office.



To discard or get rid of something, typically by casting off or letting go.


Discard, Dispose of, Jettison, Cast off, Relinquish, Abandon, Ditch, Throw away, Unload, Scatter

Retain, Keep, Hold onto, Preserve, Maintain, Cling to, Hoard, Secure, Protect, Save

He decided to shed his old belongings and start fresh in his new home.



The act of making amends or restoring harmony and understanding after a conflict or disagreement.


Settlement, Resolution, Agreement, Harmony, Accord, Compromise, Mediation, Conciliation, Peace, Understanding

Disagreement, Conflict, Discord, Hostility, Strife, Dispute, Feud, Rivalry, Alienation, Separation

The reconciliation between the two nations led to a lasting peace treaty.



To make someone or something seem unimportant or less valuable.

(छोटा दिखाना)

Minimized, Diminished, Underestimated, Disparaged, Downplayed, Derided, Ridiculed, Depreciated, Trivialized, Undervalued

Magnified, Exalted, Praised, Acknowledged, Valued, Celebrated, Applauded, Esteemed, Respected, Honored

She belittled his achievements by calling them insignificant, which hurt his self-esteem.


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