The Hindu Vocabulary 27 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 26 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Expertise over politics: On the Cauvery water dispute".


Part of Speech/Idiom







The process of taking legal action or the act of suing someone in a court of law.


Legal action, Lawsuit, Dispute, Legal battle, Contention, Judicial proceedings, Litigiousness

Settlement, Agreement, Mediation, Conciliation, Compromise, Harmony, Resolution, Reconciliation, Accord, Understanding

The litigation over the property dispute has been ongoing for several years, causing significant stress to the parties involved.



A gradual or continuous decrease or weakening in quantity, quality, or importance; to refuse or reject politely.


Decrease, Deterioration, Reduction, Diminishment, Drop, Weakening, Degeneration, Wane, Ebb, Refuse, Reject

Increase, Rise, Improvement, Growth, Advancement, Enhancement, Escalation, Expansion, Accept, Approve

The decline in sales of the product was attributed to changing consumer preferences.



To intervene or get involved in someone else's affairs or activities without being invited or without proper authorization.

(हस्तक्षेप करना)

Meddle, Intrude, Intervene, Obtrude, Mediate, Pry, Tamper, Impose, Interpose

Stay Out, Abstain, Avoid, Leave Alone, Retreat, Withdraw, Recede, Refrain

It's best not to interfere in their personal matters unless they ask for your help.



To delay or postpone something to a later time or date; to yield to the opinion or judgment of another.


Postpone, Delay, Put off, Procrastinate, Suspend, Adjourn, Shelve, Reprieve, Temporize, Reschedule

Advance, Expedite, Hasten, Accelerate, Proceed, Continue, Push forward, Hasten, Act now, Prompt, Hurry

They decided to defer the meeting until next week due to scheduling conflicts.



Engaged in a competition, rivalry, or struggle; competing or arguing.


Competing, Competing, Contesting, Struggling, Vying, Battling, Challenging, Contending, Opposing, Rivaling

Cooperating, Collaborating, Assisting, Supporting, Uniting, Conceding, Agreeing, Yielding, Harmonizing, Conforming

The two teams were contending for the championship title, and the competition was fierce.



To act in accordance with a rule, request, or demand; to follow instructions or obey.

(पालन करना)

Obey, Adhere, Conform, Abide by, Follow, Submit, Yield, Concede, Observe, Respect

Disobey, Defy, Violate, Rebel, Resist, Disregard, Ignore, Neglect, Refuse, Contradict

It is important to comply with traffic rules to ensure safety on the road.



To specify a requirement, condition, or demand as part of an agreement, contract, or arrangement.

(शर्त रखना)

Specify, Demand, Require, Set, Prescribe, Dictate, Lay down, Covenant, Impose, Oblige

Omit, Exclude, Waive, Relinquish, Abandon, Surrender, Yield, Neglect, Ignore, Disregard

The contract stipulated that the project must be completed within six months.



A very large quantity of something; more than enough; a state of having plenty.


Plenty, Profusion, Excess, Surplus, Overflow, Wealth, Copiousness, Plenitude, Bountifulness, Affluence

Scarcity, Shortage, Insufficiency, Lack, Deficiency, Want, Dearth, Paucity, Poverty, Inadequacy

The garden was filled with an abundance of colorful flowers and lush green plants.



Filled to the edge or overflowing, often with a liquid; full to capacity.


Overflowing, Full, Filled, Packed, Loaded, Teeming, Saturated, Abundant, Crowded, Swarming

Empty, Vacant, Depleted, Barren, Bare, Sparse, Scant, Hollow, Unfilled, Deserted

The river was brimming with water after days of heavy rain.



A situation in which there is a deficiency or shortage, typically referring to financial or economic circumstances.


Shortfall, Shortage, Insufficiency, Lack, Scarcity, Deficiency, Imbalance, Debt, Dearth, Inadequacy

Surplus, Excess, Abundance, Plenty, Prosperity, Affluence, Profit, Surfeit, Overflow, Riches

The country's budget revealed a significant deficit, leading to concerns about economic stability.



Giving approval, support, or positive conditions; beneficial or advantageous.


Positive, Advantageous, Beneficial, Good, Propitious, Supportive, Encouraging, Opportune, Rosy, Promising

Unfavorable, Unfortunate, Disadvantageous, Inauspicious, Hostile, Adverse, Unlucky, Unpromising, Unpropitious, Harmful

The favorable weather conditions made it a perfect day for a picnic in the park.



Tending to move apart or deviate from a common point or path; differing or varying.


Different, Varying, Dissimilar, Deviating, Contrasting, Separate, Unalike, Disparate, Dissonant, Unconventional

Convergent, Similar, Alike, Parallel, Uniform, Harmonious, Consistent, Identical, Comparable, Homogeneous

The divergent opinions within the group made it difficult to reach a consensus on the issue.



To develop gradually or change over time, typically becoming more complex or advanced.

(विकसित होना)

Develop, Progress, Advance, Grow, Mature, Unfold, Expand, Change, Transform, Improve

Stagnate, Regress, Decline, Deteriorate, Worsen, Devolve, Dissolve, Retrogress, Decay, Disintegrate

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, offering new possibilities and innovations.



Certain to happen; unavoidable; something that cannot be prevented or avoided.


Unavoidable, Certain, Inescapable, Unpreventable, Irresistible, Imminent, Sure, Predestined, Foreordained, Fated

Avoidable, Preventable, Controllable, Uncertain, Surmountable, Postponable, Optional, Reversible, Changeable, Unclear

Despite their efforts, it was inevitable that the old bridge would eventually collapse due to its deteriorating condition.


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