The Hindu Vocabulary 26 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 26 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Politicising exchanges: On China using sporting events to score geopolitical points".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Relating to the political and economic relationships between countries, often involving geography and global power dynamics.


International, Global, International Relations, World Affairs, Diplomatic, Political, Strategic, Foreign Policy, Statecraft, Geostatic

Local, Regional, Parochial, Provincial, Insular, Isolated, Nonpolitical, Domestic, National, Inward-looking

Geopolitical tensions between major world powers can have far-reaching consequences for the global economy.



Something impressive, dramatic, or breathtaking in a visually stunning way.


Impressive, Dazzling, Magnificent, Breathtaking, Stunning, Splendid, Grand, Glorious, Sensational, Remarkable

Ordinary, Mundane, Dull, Unimpressive, Common, Lackluster, Unremarkable, Mediocre, Plain, Underwhelming

The fireworks display on New Year's Eve was truly spectacular, lighting up the night sky with brilliant colors.



Unity or cooperation among individuals or groups, often in support of a common cause or interest.


Unity, Togetherness, Harmony, Cohesion, Cooperation, Support, Mutual Aid, Fellowship, Alliance, Brotherhood

Division, Discord, Disunity, Separation, Strife, Conflict, Disagreement, Dissension, Alienation, Rivalry

The workers showed solidarity by going on strike to demand better working conditions and fair wages.



The process of officially recognizing an institution, program, or individual as meeting certain standards or qualifications.


Certification, Recognition, Authorization, Approval, Validation, Endorsement, Verification, Certification, Sanction, Confirmation

Disapproval, Rejection, Nonrecognition, Invalidity, Denial, Veto, Dissent, Opposition, Disagreement, Refusal

The university's accreditation ensures that its degree programs meet established educational standards.



An official or authoritative instruction, order, or command given by someone in a position of authority.


Instruction, Order, Command, Mandate, Decree, Edict, Dictum, Pronouncement, Regulation, Rule

Suggestion, Request, Proposal, Advice, Recommendation, Indecision, Option, Freedom, Permission, Consent

The government issued a directive to all citizens to follow COVID-19 safety protocols in public places.



Fastened or secured with staples, typically metal clips used for binding or attaching papers together.

(स्टेपल द्वारा बाँधा गया)

Fastened, Attached, Joined, Bound, Clipped, Pinned, Affixed, Fixed, Tied, Secured

Unfastened, Unattached, Detached, Loose, Unbound, Separated, Unclipped, Unpinned, Unaffixed, Untied

The documents were stapled together for easy reference.



Having a strong desire for revenge or a tendency to seek revenge when wronged.


Revengeful, Spiteful, Retaliatory, Malicious, Vengeful, Malice, Retributive, Grudge-bearing, Revenge-seeking, Resentful

Forgiving, Merciful, Benevolent, Compassionate, Kind-hearted, Generous, Magnanimous, Nonvindictive, Tolerant, Lenient

Her vindictive actions towards her former colleague were driven by a deep-seated grudge.



Unlucky or having bad luck; marked by adversity, hardship, or a negative outcome.


 Unlucky, Luckless, Unfortunate, Unpropitious, Jinxed, Cursed, Ill-fated, Doom-laden, Hard-luck

Lucky, Fortunate, Blessed, Prosperous, Auspicious, Favorable, Serendipitous, Favored, Fortuitous, Happy

It was unfortunate that the heavy rain caused the outdoor wedding to be moved indoors.



The act of refusing to accept, acknowledge, or believe something, often despite evidence or reality.


Refusal, Rejection, Repudiation, Non-acceptance, Disavowal, Negation, Declination, Disowning, Abnegation, Contradiction

Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Admission, Confirmation, Affirmation, Assertion, Consent, Embrace, Recognition, Endorsement

His denial of any involvement in the scandal was met with skepticism by the public.



A lack of trust or confidence in someone or something, often due to suspicion or doubt.


Suspicion, Mistrust, Skepticism, Doubt, Cynicism, Wariness, Unbelief, Uncertainty, Disbelief, Scepticism

Trust, Confidence, Faith, Belief, Assurance, Reliance, Conviction, Surety, Positivity, Credulity

The repeated lies by the politician had created a strong sense of distrust among the voters.



To continue firmly or obstinately in an action or belief despite opposition, difficulty, or obstacles.

(दृढ़ रूप से जारी रहना)

Persevere, Continue, Endure, Carry on, Persistently, Maintain, Stick with, Keep going, Insist, Grind

Quit, Give up, Surrender, Abandon, Yield, Relent, Discontinue, Cease, Halt, Disperse

Despite the challenges, she decided to persist in her efforts to master the difficult piano piece.



Sufficient or suitable in quantity, quality, or degree to meet the needs or requirements of a situation.


Satisfactory, Sufficient, Satisfying, Satisfactorily, Satisfactoriness, Enough, Ample, Satisfyingly, Passable, Competent

Insufficient, Inadequate, Deficient, Unsatisfactory, Short, Scant, Deficiently, Meager, Lacking, Ineffectual

The preparation of the project was adequate to address the client's needs and expectations.



A state or condition of being normal, typical, or usual, especially after a period of disruption or abnormality.


Regularity, Routine, Standard, Commonness, Conventionality, Stability, Consistency, Normality, Usualness, Predictability

Abnormality, Irregularity, Anomaly, Deviation, Unusualness, Exception, Oddity, Rarity, Disturbance, Aberration

After the storm, the town gradually returned to a state of normalcy, with people resuming their daily routines.


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