The Hindu Vocabulary 20 May 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 20 May 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Fall of Mariupol.’



Part of Speech/Idiom







The action of giving up the possession of something, especially into the power of another.

The act of surrendering.

(आत्मसमर्पण/ अभ्यर्पण)

Abandonment, Abdication, Acquiescence, Submission, Capitulation, Cession

Fight, Victory, Win

The surrender in the 1971 war by Pakistan is a celebrated victory for India.


To yield something to the possession of another.

To give oneself up.

(छोड़ देना/ हार मानना/ त्याग देना)

Cede, Deliver, Relinquish, Render, Yield, Capitulate, Commit

Come, Continue, Hold, Keep, Defend

The troops surrendered due to the unavailability of ammunition.



To lie with arms and legs spread out.

(लोटना/ पड़ा रहना/ हाथ-पाँव फैलाकर बैठना)

Drape, Flop, Loll, Lounge

Straighten, Compress, Stand

My son was sprawling on the floor while watching TV.


An irregular spread.

An ungainly or carelessly relaxed position in which one's arms and legs are spread out.

(एक असहज या लापरवाही से आराम की स्थिति जिसमें किसी के हाथ और पैर फैले हुए हों।)



The whole urban sprawl of Delhi contains over 20 million people.



To take possession of something.

To possess by force.

To grab forcibly.

To resort to a plan.

To grasp mentally.

To take hold of something.

(पकड़ना/ पकड़ लेना/ छीनना / रोक लगाना)

Catch, Snatch, Appropriate, Clasp, Ambush, Annex, Apprehend, Arrest

Free, Give, Loosen, Reject, Offer, Release, Surrender, Lose

The army has seized control of the entire city.



In a way that is unable to be disentangled or separated.


Addendum, Appendix, Addition, Adjunct

Base, Lessening, Subtraction

The Prime Minister has approved the annex in the treaty.


To attach or append.

To obtain or take for oneself.

(हड़प कर लेना/ अनुबद्ध करना)

Adjoin, Take over, Affix, Append

Detach, Disconnect, Disjoin, Disunite

They annexed a new chapter to the report.



The quality of being greater in number.

The quality of being superior.

(बटालियन/ वाहिनी/ पलटन/ सैन्य दल)

Army, Contingent, Unit, Legion, Array, Host


A battalion of angry people marched towards the Sri Lankan President’s residence.



Someone who favours separatism.

An advocate of independence of a part of a nation.

(संप्रदायवादी/ स्वपक्षत्यागी/ पृथक होनेवाला/ विमुख)

Dissident, Heretic, Protestor, Rebel

Adherent, Loyalist

PM Modi held a meeting with Kashmiri separatists.



The opposition offered by one thing to another.


Battle, Defiance, Fight, Intransigence

Aid, Assistance, Help, Liberation

The government has faced strong resistance to bringing the farm laws.



Menacingly hostile.

Violent in intensity.

Furiously active.

Wild in appearance.

(भयंकर / उग्र/ क्रूर/ प्रखर)

Fell, Grim, Savage, Ferocious, Angry, Brutal, Cutthroat, Fiery, Intense, Murderous

Apathetic, Calm, Cold, Cool, Dull, Mild, Moderate, Gentle, Unaggressive

The movie was based on a fierce battle.



An instance of the entrance to the possession.

An instance of the entrance to take possession.

(आक्रमण/ हमला/ चढ़ाई/ धावा)

Descent, Foray, Incursion, Irruption

Obedience, Surrender, Retreat, Withdrawal

The people of Ukraine are living under a threat of invasion.



A paper container usually for the letter or other documents.

Something that envelops.

A natural enclosing such as a shell or a membrane.

The outer covering of an aerostat.

The technical limits within which equipment can operate.

(लिफाफा / आवरण / वेष्टन / पूर्वाधिकारी)

Wrapper, Bag, Box, Casing, Pocket, Covering, Container, Jacket

Contents, Interior, Middle

The envelope containing a letter has been found at the crime scene.



An assemblage of persons.

A group of soldiers.


Army, Contingent, Crew, Delegation

Individual, One

The Ukrainian government has claimed that more than 25000 Russian troops have died.


To gather in a company.

To move in large numbers.

(बड़ी संख्या में स्थानांतरित करना)



Countries near Russia have started trooping their forces.



The competition between people or organizations who want the same things.

(विरोध / प्रतिद्वंद्विता / होड़ / विरोध)

Antagonism, Clash, Conflict, Jealousy, Matchup, Contest, Match, Strife, War, Warfare

Accord, Calm, Harmony, Agreement

There was a strong sense of rivalry among the two cousins.




A checking of progress.

An instance of setting back.

A reversal in progress.

(नाकामयाबी/ देर/ विलंब/ गिरना)

Blow, Defeat, Delay, Difficulty, Hindrance, Impediment, Misfortune, Obstacle

Advance, Assistance, Advantage, Aid

The steps taken by you are a serious setback for the peace talks.



An association between two or more persons, groups or countries.


Accord, Affiliation, Affinity, Engagement

Detachment, Hatred, Disagreement, Disconnection

The neighbouring countries can be benefitted through a trade alliance.


A union between people, groups, countries, etc. (सन्धि)

Accord, Compact, Convention, Pact


The alliances formed in geopolitics keep on shifting.



To lengthen out in time.

To extend the duration of something.

(बढ़ाना/ टालना)

Continue, Delay, Lengthen, Stretch, Perpetuate, Protract

Abbreviate, Expedite, Advance, Cease

The prolonged development phase has caused worry among investors.



The quality of being unstable.


Anxiety, Fluctuation, Insecurity, Vulnerability

Calm, Constancy, Soundness, Balance

The economic instability can be seen as a consequence of poor governance.



A continuous rise in the price level related attributed to an increase in the volume of money.


Boom, Expansion, Hike, Rise, Affectation

Abridgment, Compression, Reduction, Deflation

Inflation is at its peak in a decade.

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