The Hindu Vocabulary 15 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 15 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Limits of identity: On facilitating peace in Manipur".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Causing confusion, disturbance, or discomfort.

(उलझाने वाला)

Disturbing, Confusing, Upsetting, Perturbing, Unsettling, Alarming, Unnerving, Troubling, Bewildering, Baffling

Reassuring, Comforting, Calming, Assuring, Soothing, Relaxing, Consoling, Encouraging, Composed, Reassured

The sudden change in plans was disconcerting for everyone, leaving them unsure of what to do next.



To make great efforts or work hard toward a goal.

(प्रयास करना)

Endeavor, Attempt, Work, Labor, Toil, Try, Struggle, Push, Apply oneself, Aim

Relax, Rest, Abandon, Surrender, Give up, Cease, Halt, Desist, Quit, Neglect

She strives to excel in her studies by dedicating long hours to reading and research.



The state of being formally connected or associated with an organization or group.


Association, Membership, Connection, Relationship, Partnership, Alliance, Linkage, Connection, Ties, Involvement

Disaffiliation, Disconnection, Isolation, Separation, Detachment, Disassociation, Estrangement, Disunity, Dissociation, Alienation

His affiliation with the prestigious university opened up numerous opportunities for research and collaboration.



To prepare or organize resources, people, or forces for a particular purpose or action.

(संचालित करना)

Rally, Activate, Deploy, Assemble, Marshal, Prepare, Organize, Muster, Call up, Summon

Disband, Demobilize, Deactivate, Disassemble, Disperse, Break up, Dismantle, Scatter, Deorganize, Disarm

The government decided to mobilize troops to provide disaster relief in the affected areas.



To interrupt, disturb, or cause disorder in a process, system, or situation.


Interrupt, Disturb, Upset, Derail, Hinder, Disarrange, Confuse, Disorganize, Sabotage, Intrude

Maintain, Stabilize, Sustain, Aid, Support, Facilitate, Assist, Order, Arrange, Harmonize

The sudden power outage disrupted the entire production process in the factory.



To steal or plunder, typically during a robbery or raid.


Plunder, Rob, Pillage, Steal, Ransack, Booty, Sack, Despoil, Rifling, Strip

Protect, Guard, Defend, Preserve, Secure, Safeguard, Shield, Uphold, Safeguard, Secure

The bandits looted the travelers' belongings and fled into the forest.



To occupy or involve oneself in a particular activity or conversation.


Involve, Participate, Immerse, Occupy, Enlist, Entertain, Fascinate, Captivate, Absorb, Engross

Disengage, Withdraw, Abstain, Refrain, Distract, Divert, Neglect, Ignore, Repel, Reject

She decided to engage in a meaningful conversation with her friend rather than watching TV.



A superficial or outward appearance that may be misleading.


Appearance, Likeness, Resemblance, Pretense, Facade, Image, Pretending, Simulation, Pretension, Imitation

Reality, Truth, Authenticity, Genuine, Honesty, Sincerity, Transparency, Openness, Truthfulness, Candor

He maintained a semblance of calm, even though he was anxious on the inside.



The act of restoring friendly relations or resolving conflicts.


Settlement, Resolution, Harmony, Agreement, Understanding, Rapport, Amicability, Accord, Compromise, Peacemaking

Disagreement, Conflict, Hostility, Discord, Strife, Feud, Antagonism, Division, Alienation, Rivalry

The successful reconciliation between the two feuding parties brought peace to the region.



To beat or strike forcefully, often with a whip.


Flog, Lash, Flagellate, Thrash, Beat, Strike, Spank, Scourge, Pummel, Belabor

 Spare, Pardon, Forgive, Excuse, Absolve, Condone, Spare, Overlook, Mercy, Spare

The cowboy whipped his horse to make it gallop faster.



A state of extreme excitement or agitation.


Hysteria, Mania, Excitement, Frenetic, Delirium, Craze, Furor, Madness, Haste, Commotion

Calm, Serenity, Tranquility, Composure, Restraint, Sanity, Coolness, Sobriety, Quiet, Stillness

The announcement of a surprise sale caused a frenzy among shoppers who rushed to the store.



A deeply distressing or disturbing experience, often causing emotional or psychological distress.


Shock, Distress, Upset, Agony, Torment, Wound, Suffering, Affliction, Ordeal, Scarring

Healing, Recovery, Comfort, Relief, Wellness, Resilience, Normalcy, Calm, Ease, Serenity

The car accident left her with physical and emotional trauma that took months to overcome.


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