The Hindu Vocabulary 14 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 14 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Unified approach: On the Nipah outbreak in Kerala and a One Health approach".


Part of Speech/Idiom







United or brought together into a single entity.


United, Consolidated, Harmonized, Integrated, Merged, Coalesced, Joined, Combined, Unified, Synthesized

Divided, Separated, Disjointed, Fragmented, Segregated, Disunited, Isolated, Scattered, Fragmented, Divergent

The merger of the two companies resulted in a unified and stronger organization.



Causing extensive damage or harm.

 (क्षति पहुँचाना)

Inflicting, Causing, Unleashing, Inflicting, Creating, Bringing about, Executing, Exercising, Producing, Effecting

Repairing, Fixing, Mending, Healing, Restoring, Protecting, Preserving, Saving, Caring for, Tending to

The hurricane wreaked havoc on the coastal town, causing widespread destruction.



Widespread and chaotic destruction or devastation.

(व्यापक नाश)

Devastation, Destruction, Ruin, Chaos, Mayhem, Carnage, Ruination, Desolation, Calamity, Catastrophe

Order, Peace, Stability, Harmony, Prosperity, Rebuilding, Preservation, Reconstruction, Rejuvenation, Security

The earthquake unleashed havoc, leaving buildings in ruins and people in distress.



Causing extreme fear or terror.


Frightening, Scary, Horrifying, Petrifying, Hair-raising, Chilling, Alarming, Dreadful, Spine-tingling, Appalling

Comforting, Reassuring, Calming, Soothing, Inviting, Friendly, Pleasant, Welcoming, Encouraging, Heartening

The horror movie was so terrifying that I had to cover my eyes during some scenes.



A person who has died.


Dead, Departed, Late, Expired, Passed away, Defunct, Lifeless, Extinct, No longer living, Perished

Alive, Living, Surviving, Breathing, Animated, Existing, Thriving, Resurrected, Revived, Active

The deceased's family held a solemn funeral service to honor their loved one's memory.



The act of keeping something under control or within limits.


Control, Restraint, Confinement, Suppression, Restriction, Regulation, Management, Repression, Enclosure, Confinement

Release, Freedom, Liberation, Unleashing, Expansion, Spreading, Escalation, Outpouring, Unrestraint, Uncontrolled

The quick containment of the fire prevented it from spreading to neighboring houses.



Relating to preparation or getting ready for something.

(पूर्व सिद्धांत)

Preliminary, Introductory, Prelusive, Anticipatory, Training, Preliminarily, Proleptic, Preludial, Primal, Preparative

Conclusive, Final, Definitive, Ultimate, Closing, Posterior, Follow-up, Subsequent, Resulting, Later

The preparatory courses helped the students get ready for the challenging exams ahead.



Having small holes or openings that allow liquids or gases to pass through.


Permeable, Penetrable, Absorbent, Breathable, Open, Hole-ridden, Leaky, Penetralia, Pervious, Absorptive

Impermeable, Solid, Sealed, Airtight, Non-porous, Watertight, Impenetrable, Dense, Impenetrable, Waterproof

The sponge is porous and quickly absorbs any spilled liquid.



The sudden occurrence or start of something, often used in the context of diseases or conflicts.


Epidemic, Flare-up, Surge, Eruption, Onset, Commencement, Onrush, Burst, Spate, Outpouring

Abatement, Decline, Decrease, Subsidence, Recession, Downturn, Retreat, Ebb, Disappearance, Dissipation

The outbreak of the virus led to widespread panic and immediate containment measures.



Recognizing and valuing the qualities or efforts of someone or something.


Recognition, Admiration, Gratitude, Acknowledgment, Applause, Compliment, Praise, Esteem, Approval, Gratefulness

Criticism, Disapproval, Censure, Blame, Condemnation, Denunciation, Reproach, Disfavor, Distrust, Neglect

She expressed her appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the team.



Combined or unified into a cohesive whole. 


Unified, Merged, Incorporated, Consolidated, Blended, Combined, Coordinated, Fused, Synthesized, Joined

Separated, Segregated, Isolated, Divided, Disconnected, Disjointed, Fragmented, Uncombined, Unintegrated, Disunited

The integrated approach to problem-solving involved input from various departments in the company.



A mutually beneficial relationship between two different organisms.


Mutualism, Cooperation, Collaboration, Partnership, Interaction, Interdependence, Synergy, Harmony, Reciprocity, Coexistence

Competition, Rivalry, Conflict, Hostility, Detriment, Disharmony, Disconnection, Isolation, Antagonism, Struggle

In the wild, certain birds and crocodiles have a symbiosis where the birds pick food from the crocodile's teeth, benefiting both species.



The effect or influence of one thing on another.


Influence, Effect, Consequence, Result, Impression, Ramification, Outcome, Significance, Repercussion, Force

Irrelevance, Insignificance, Unimportance, Triviality, Negligibility, Immunity, Insulation, Indifference, Imperviousness, Ineffectiveness

The impact of the new policy on the economy was immediately noticeable.


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