The Hindu Vocabulary 16 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 16 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Misplaced mystery: On the special session of Parliament, the politics".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Something that is difficult to understand, explain, or solve.


Enigma, Puzzle, Secret, Riddle, Conundrum, Puzzle, Anomaly, Obscurity, Question, Problem

Clarity, Explanation, Knowledge, Comprehension, Solution, Transparency, Revelation, Certainty, Familiarity, Simplicity

The disappearance of the ancient artifact remains a mystery to archaeologists.



A mysterious or puzzling person, thing, or situation.


Mystery, Puzzle, Riddle, Conundrum, Mystery, Puzzle, Paradox, Secret, Enigma, Problem

Clarity, Explanation, Understanding, Solution, Simplicity, Transparency, Openness, Certainty, Familiarity, Comprehension

The identity of the masked vigilante was an enigma to the citizens of the city.



More than what is considered reasonable or appropriate.


Overly, Immoderate, Unreasonable, Inordinate, Extravagant, Extreme, Exorbitant, Unbridled, Uncontrolled, Unrestrained

Moderate, Reasonable, Balanced, Sensible, Controlled, Measured, Proportionate, Adequate, Appropriate, Sufficient

His excessive spending on luxury items left him in financial trouble.



Arousing curiosity or interest; fascinating.


Fascinating, Captivating, Enchanting, Compelling, Absorbing, Alluring, Engaging, Gripping, Spellbinding, Interesting

Uninteresting, Boring, Dull, Tedious, Repellent, Unattractive, Mundane, Monotonous, Tiresome, Unexciting

The mystery novel had an intriguing plot that kept readers guessing until the end.



Relating to an empire or an emperor; majestic or grand.


Royal, Regal, Majestic, Sovereign, Monarchial, Noble, Grand, Magnificent, Stately, Kingly

Common, Ordinary, Humble, Modest, Simple, Unimposing, Lowly, Democratic, Republic, Undistinguished

The imperial palace was a symbol of the kingdom's grandeur and power.



About to happen or appear; willing to share information.


Upcoming, Approaching, Imminent, Future, Pending, Expected, Eager, Open, Accessible, Transparent

Past, Previous, Finished, Concealed, Hidden, Secretive, Withheld, Reserved, Unwilling, Reticent

The forthcoming election has generated a lot of interest among the citizens.



The quality of lasting or remaining unchanged for a long time.


Durability, Stability, Continuity, Longevity, Immortality, Fixedness, Persistence, Endurance, Reliability, Constancy

Transience, Ephemeral, Temporariness, Fleetingness, Impermanence, Instability, Changeability, Short-lived, Temporary, Evanescent

The architect aimed to design buildings with a sense of permanence that would withstand the test of time.



Showing compassion or understanding; expressing sympathy.


Compassionate, Understanding, Empathetic, Caring, Supportive, Kind, Considerate, Tender, Merciful, Benevolent

Unsympathetic, Indifferent, Cold, Unfeeling, Apathetic, Callous, Heartless, Inconsiderate, Harsh, Cruel

The sympathetic nurse comforted the patient during their recovery.



To stop or delay progress; a small space or booth for selling goods.


Halt, Delay, Obstruct, Block, Impede, Pause, Postpone, Stymie, Hinder, Interrupt

Proceed, Continue, Advance, Accelerate, Expedite, Facilitate, Promote, Foster, Aid, Assist

The food stall at the fair sold delicious snacks to hungry visitors.



The condition or fact of being more important than others.


Precedence, Primacy, Preeminence, Superiority, Preference, Supremacy, Importance, Urgency, Preference, Dominance

Secondary, Inferiority, Subordination, Negligence, Triviality, Insignificance, Unimportance, Irrelevance, Indifference, Equality

Safety is a top priority when it comes to aviation.



To assert or demand firmly and persistently.

(ज़िद करना)

Assert, Demand, Urge, Emphasize, Plead, Persist, Maintain, Stand firm, Hold out, Pressure

Yield, Give in, Surrender, Relent, Concede, Acquiesce, Submit, Abandon, Release, Withdraw

She would insist on punctuality for all meetings, no matter how small.



To assemble or gather for a meeting or discussion.


Assemble, Gather, Summon, Call, Convoke, Rally, Muster, Collect, Organize, Mobilize

Disband, Scatter, Disperse, Adjourn, Cancel, Dismiss, Discontinue, Break up, Separate, Dissemble

The board of directors convened to discuss the company's financial performance.



To make guesses or theories about something without sufficient evidence.

(अनुमान लगाना)

Guess, Hypothesize, Conjecture, Postulate, Assume, Presume, Surmise, Suppose, Infer, Suggest

Confirm, Prove, Verify, Know, Establish, Demonstrate, Ascertain, Determine, Authenticate, Validate

Investors often speculate about the future performance of stocks in the market.


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