The Hindu Vocabulary 29 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 29 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Narrow view: On the Supreme Court’s PMLA verdict.’


Part of Speech/Idiom







The finding of a jury on a matter.

A decision.

(निर्णय/ अधिमत)

Answer, Award, Conclusion, Decision


Do not make a verdict until you hear out both the parties.



Freedom from arbitrary control.

Freedom from foreign rule.

Freedom from control or restrictions.

Freedom from captivity.

(स्वतंत्रता/ स्वाधीनता/ बेतकल्लुफ़ी)

Autarchy, Authorization, Autonomy, Birthright, Franchise, Immunity, Independence, Decision, Leave, Liberation

Denial, Dependence, Hold, Prohibition, Refusal, Responsibility, Veto, Arrest, Imprisonment, Work

I don’t want to compromise my liberty by choosing the wrong option for the job.



Excessively harsh and severe.


Cruel, Drastic, Oppressive, Brutal, Severe

Gentle, calm, Kind, Amenable, Temperate

Draconian fines for violating traffic rules have helped in reducing the cases.



To give support or defend.

(बरकरार रखा)

Confirm, Defend, Support, Back, Promote

Attack, Deny, Oppose, Protest

The verdict would only be upheld if you go to higher courts as the case is crystal clear.



Arousing controversy.

Subject to debatable.

Given to controversy.

(विवादित/ विवादास्पद)

Contentious, Disputed, Dubious, Questionable

Certain, Definite, Sure

Johnson was well known for his controversial remarks.



To conceal the origins of (money obtained illegally), typically by transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.

(अवैध धन को वैध बनाना)

Cheat, Deceive, Befool, Betray, Swindle, Defraud

Support, Hold up, Buttress, Brace, Help, Aid, Honest

Many politicians were part of the Money laundering racket.



About court proceedings.

Ordered by the court.

Sanctioned by a court.

Giving judgment.

Inclined to make judgments.

By a court or a judge.

(अदालती/ न्यायतंत्र/ न्यायालय-संबंधी)

Juridical, Administrative, Authoritative, Constitutional


A judicial decision to send him to jail has been passed.



To strengthen by passing a rope or chain under and around.

To give fundamental support.

To form the basis and foundation of something.

(किसी रस्सी या जंजीर को नीचे और चारों ओर घुमाकर मजबूत करना ।/ मौलिक सहयोग देना ।/ किसी चीज का आधार और आधार बनाना ।)

Bolster, Hold, Reinforce, Uphold

Undermine, Weaken, Drop, Fall

The crew took very difficult measures to undergird the ship.



A basic structure or plan of concepts or rules.

A basic conceptional structure of ideas.

The large branches of the tree that determine its shape.

(रूपरेखा/ ढांचा/ तंत्र/ बनावट/ चौखटा)

Groundwork, Plan, Scheme, Structure, Cage, Architecture, Cadre, Edifice, Infrastructure, Skeleton


A legal framework is being prepared to introduce the controversial Bills in Parliament.



To appeal to authority.

To make an earnest request for something.

To put into effect.

(आह्वान करना/ विनती करना)

Beget, Breed, Cause, Generate, Apply, Enforce

Cruelty, Indulgence, Meanness, Ignore, Neglect

Invoking encounters as a death penalty is being argued by many.



The state of enacting.

The process of passing legislation.

(अधिनियमन/ कानून)

Legislation, Proclamation, Ratification, Decree, Act, Bill, Constitution, Law

Disorganisation, Lawlessness, Hindrance, Stop

Our people are in support of the enactment of the Bill of Rights.



A raised edge or margin to confine.

Anything that restrains or confines.

(रोक/ प्रतिबंध)

Check, Condition, Constraint, Limitation

Free, Ignore, Freedom, Encouragement

We sat at the curb on the hilltop.


To control or restrain.

(नियंत्रण करना)

Bridle, Check, Constrain, Control, Govern, Inhibit

Lose, Advance, Aid, Allow, Assist

The number of visitors has been curbed by the authority to ensure better management.



To emphasize.

(ज़ोर देना)

Highlight, Spotlight, Stress, Weight, Accentuate, Prioritize

Understate, Play down, Downplay, Underrate

The Manager underscored the need to hire a new employee.



To enforce.

The act of compelling observance of a law or rule.

(प्रवर्तन/ लागू करना/ लागू होना/ बाध्य करना)

Administration, Application, Imposition, Prosecution, Coercion, Compulsion

Abandon, Forgetfulness, Neglect, Disregard

We need to be following the policies ourselves for enforcement at the organizational level.



Exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.


Endanger, Risk, Jeopardize, Imperil, Unsafe, Unguarded

Safe, Protected, Guarded, Shielded, Resting, Resilient

Deforestation has made many species extinct and many others vulnerable.



Call people to attend (a meeting).

To call or order someone to be present for something specific.

(गवाही के लिये सम्मन देना/ आह़वान करना/ आयोजन करना/ पुकारना/ बुलवाना)

Convene, Call, Order, Revoke, Gather, Convoke, Assemble, Gather, Meet

Scatter, Answer, Free, Differentiate, Spread, Divide

My wife was summoned by the court.



The act of prosecuting.

The party by which criminal proceedings are conducted.

The following up of something begun, to its completion.

(अभियोग पक्ष/ अभियोजन/ अभियोग)

Pursuit, Accomplishment, Execution, Achievement, Pursuance, Performance, Implementation, Perpetration, Commission

Defeat, Failure, Neglect, Nonfulfillment, Non-performance

The prosecution is planning to present evidence in the next hearing.



A written declaration certifying a person’s character or conduct.

A letter of recommendation.

Something given as an expression of esteem, appreciation, or admiration.

An expression of tribute.

(गुणों का वर्ण-पत्र/ विवरण/ भेंट/ प्रदान/ उपहार/ शंसापत्र)

Endorsement, Homage, Ovation, Remembrance, Testament

Censure, Concealment, Condemnation, Contradiction

Our products received amazing and appreciating testimonials from our customers.


Relating to testimony.

Expressive of appreciation.

(कृतज्ञ/ शुक्रगुज़ार)

Dedicatory, Epitaphial, Epithatic, Canonizing, Enshrining, Commemorating, Commemorative


He wanted to give a testimonial dinner to his teachers.



The process of altering a law in a constitutional procedure.

A material that aids plant growth by improving the soil condition.


Change, Modification, reform, Remedy, Act, Bill, Measure, Motion

Damage, Harm, Injury, Repose

There may be many amendments to the private Bill of congressmen.



An act of assembling.


Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection, Company

Divide, Ignore

The muster of suggestions will be considered one by one.


To bring together.

(एक साथ लाने के लिए।)

Assemble, Collect, Congregate, Convoke

Avoid, Cancel, Dismiss, Demobilize

The Party workers were trying to muster the villagers for the demonstration and leader’s rally.



A blank space.

A small cavity.

A missing part.

(कमीअभाव/ अंतरालअंतर)

Break, Cavity, Depression, Gap, Hiatus, Interim, Dearth, Pinch, Deficit, Undersupply, Inadequacy

Closure, Continuity, Continuation, Misfortune, Abundance, Wealth, Opulence, Plenty

The online world will contain lacunae even after having so much to do.



Ability to produce the desired result.

The power to produce an effect.

(प्रभाव/ प्रभावोत्पादकता)

Adequacy, Competence, Effectiveness, Potency, Virtue

Inadequacy, Ineffectiveness, Enervation, Failure

The Minister had doubts about the efficacy of the new machines.



Someone who is employed by a business at a senior level.

The person or persons in which the supreme executive power of a government is vested.

The executive branch of a government.

(कार्यपालक/ कार्यकारिणी शक्ति/ शासनात्मक सत्ता)

Administration, Administrator, Official, Supervisor, Boss, Chief, Commander, Director

Employee, Follower, Worker

She is working as a senior executive in the bank.


Relating to the execution of laws and the conduct of public affairs.

Of or relating to an executive.

Relating to carrying out plans.

(कार्यकारी/ शासनात्मक)

Managerial, Governing, Ruling, Controlling, Directorial

Subordinate, Nonmanagerial, Nonsupervisory

She has the upper hand in executive abilities.

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