The Hindu Vocabulary 28 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 28 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘In search of relevance: On the 2022 Commonwealth Games .’


Part of Speech/Idiom







A nation or state founded on law and united by the agreement of the people for the common good.

An independent country, especially a democratic republic.

An international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies. The British monarch is the symbolic head of the Commonwealth.

(राष्ट्रमंडल/ गणराज्य/ गणतंत्र/ राष्ट्र)

Federation, Society, Citizenry, Citizens, Commonality, Democracy, Nation, People, Polity, Republic


The commonwealth games are taking place in Birmingham.



A Disease occurring over a wide geographic area.

(वैश्विक महामारी)

Broad, Common, Comprehensive, Empyrean

Exclusive, Incomplete, Individual, Infrequent, Particular

Monkeypox may not become a pandemic as people are more aware now.



In the past.


Once, Bygone, Ex, Late, Past, Preceding

Present, Future

My Uncle is an erstwhile leader.



In the middle of

(बीच में)

Through, Mid, Among, Amongst

Away from, Outside, Beyond, Far from

My father scolded me for watching movies amid family time.



An attitude toward something.

A mental feeling.

Refined emotion.

Exhibition of feeling or appeal to tender emotions.

A thought influenced by emotion.

An idea filled with emotion.

(भाव/ भावुकता/ विचार/ मत)

Attitude, Bias, Feeling, Idea, Opinion, Passion, Position, Tendency, Thought, View, Disposition, Emotionalism, Eye, Inclination

Concrete, Thing, Antipathy, Disbelief, Disinclination, Disinterest, Dislike, Hate, Hatred, Indifference

His comments have hurt my sentiments.



To state with assurance.

To maintain claims.

To state as having existence.

State a fact or belief confidently.

To demonstrate the existence of something.

To state positively.

(ज़ोर/ द्दढ़तापूर्वक करना/ दावा करना/ हर्क जमाना)

Affirm, Allege, Argue, Cite, Claim, Contend, Defend, Proclaim, Profess, Stress, Uphold, Advance, Asseverate

Deny, Disclaim, Disavow, Negate

He continued to assert me guilty until the judge passed the judgment in my favour.



A long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.


Epoch, Age, Period, Time, Span


A new era has begun in UP after the re-election of CM Yogi.



To do a kindness or a favour.

To provide suitably with something.

To lend money to someone.

To provide with a room and food.

To agree.

To bring into an agreement.

To provide with something desired.

(समायोजित करना/ झगड़ा तय करना/ अनुकूल बनाना/ स्थान देना/ जगह देना/ ठहराना)

Contain, Entertain, Hold, Rent, Shelter, Welcome, Adapt, Adjust, Fit, Integrate, Modify, Afford, Help, Provide, Serve, Sustain

Reject, Turn away, Bar, Block, Disarrange, Frustrate, Hinder, Impede

The building is not big enough to accommodate all the guests.



To happen at the same time.

To represent coincidence.

To make exactly simultaneous with the action.

To cause to operate at the same rate and exactly together.

(साथ-साथ होना/ साथ-साथ घटना/ समक्रमिक बना देना/ समय में सहमत करना)

Adjust, Harmonize, Integrate, Mesh, Match, Organize, Pool, Proportion, Agree, Set

Antedate, Precede, Predate, Follow, Succeed

He was successful in getting the footsteps of the entire dance group synchronised.



A group of persons having common purposes, interests, or tastes.


Association, Board, Brotherhood, Congress, Camaraderie, Guild


His actions have caused embarrassment to the fraternity of local carpenters.



To refuse to buy or participate in something to protest.

(बहिष्कार करना)

Avoid, Cut off, Refuse, Snub

Accept, Allow, Approve, Permit

You cannot live in the village by boycotting all the local goods.



The state of being embarrassed.

The state of being in financial difficulties.

Something that embarrasses.

(शर्मिंदगी/ परेशानी/ उलझन/ घबराहट/ उलझेड़ा/ हैरानी)

Difficulty, Mistake, Distress, Dilemma, Mess, Unease, Awkwardness, Bashfulness

Aplomb, Calm, Assurance, Composure

The failure of recent schemes is a major embarrassment for the government.



An energetic expression of approval.

A round of applause for some admired performances.

An enthusiastic approval.

(शाबाशी/ तालियाँ/ करतलध्वनि/ प्रशंसा)

Acclamation, Applause, Ovation, Cheer, Acclaim, Compliment, Approval, Bravo

Silence, Criticism, Disapproval, Booing

Her performance in the movie received plaudits from the critics.

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