The Hindu Vocabulary 27 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 27 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Square off: On India hosting 44th Chess Olympiad.’


Part of Speech/Idiom





Square off


Prepare to fight.

To argue with someone.

(लड़ने की तैयारी करना ।/ किसी से वाद-विवाद करना ।)



Both rivals are squaring off at the end of this month by launching a new flagship smartphone.



A 4-year interval between the Olympic games by which time was reckoned in ancient Greece.

A quadrennial celebration of the modern Olympic games.

An international contest in chess.




She wants her son to prepare for the Physics Olympiad.



To lift by pushing from behind.

To aid by speaking well of.

To increase.

(बढ़ाना/ बढावा देना/ प्रोत्साहित करना)

Advance, Encourage, Promote, Push, Support, Sustain, Advertise, Assist, Foster, Inspire, Heighten, Lift, Raise, Augment, Develop, Enlarge, Expand

Discourage, Dissuade, Undermine, Condemn, Hide, Hinder, Depress, Drop, Lower, Stop, Abridge, Compress, Condense, Contract

The whole point of stocking up the product was to reduce supply and boost prices.


An upward raise.

An increase.

(बढ़ावा/ प्रोत्साहन/ सहारा)

Addition, Advance, Breakthrough, Expansion, Hike, Improvement, Increment, Jump, Lift, Rise, Aid, Assistance, Support, Backup, Goose

Decline, Decrease, Loss, Shrinkage, Stagnation, Worsening, Setback, Lessening, Harm, Hindrance, Discouragement

There is a boost in our sales.



To be full to the brim.

To fill to the brim.

(पूरा हो जाना)

Fill, Overflow, Swell, Teem, Spill, Heap, Crowd, Overcharge, Overfill, Swarm

Lack, Need, Want, Lighten, Bleed, Empty

Please do not brim my coffee mug.


The upper edge of anything hollow.

A projecting edge.

(किनारा/ सीमा)

Border, Brink, Circumference, Fringe

Centre, Interior, Middle, Inside

He touched the brim of his hat while saluting.



To walk together in a formal group or line, usually while with other people watching them.

To march in a procession.

(दिखने के लिये रखना/ आडंबर करना/ चलना/ सैन्यव्यायाम करना)

Brandish, Demonstrate, Flash, Prance, Boast, Brag, Declare, Disclose, Strut, Swagger

Conceal, Hide, Cover, Deprecate, Secrete, Suppress

The units of the army paraded in front of the President.


A procession of people or vehicles moving through a public place in order to celebrate an important day or event.

A military ceremony involving the formation and marching of troop units, often combined with the lowering of the flag at the end of the day.

(परेड/ जुलूस/ प्रदर्शन/ दिखाना)

Ceremony, Demonstration, Procession, Ritual, Show, Spectacle, Array, Cavalcade, Fanfare, Flaunting

Concealment, Dullness, Plainness, Hiding

India invites a foreign guest on the Republic Day parade.



A festive occasion.

(पर्व/ उत्सव/ त्योहार/ पर्व का दिन)

Bash, Celebration, Dance, Festivity, Fiesta, Function, Jamboree, Pageant, Prom


The mayor organized a grand gala to celebrate 100 years of town establishment.



(पर्व का/ त्योहार का/ उत्सव का)

Festive, Joyful, Celebratory, Gay, Bright


Rachel celebrates her birthday parties as a gala occasion.



To begin

(शुरू होना/ प्रारंभ होना/ आरंभ होना)

Inaugurate, Initiate, Launch, Embark on

Close, End, Finish, Stop, Conclude

We have commenced the online registration for reselling your products.



Any event occurring once in two years.

A plant that lives for two years.

(दो साल में एक बार होने वाली कोई भी घटना ।)



His garden is full of biennials.


Happening every two years.

Lasting for two years.

(द्विवाषिक/ द्विवर्षीय/ द्वैवार्षिक/ द्विवर्षी)



The biennial tournament has begun.



To detect with eyes.

To identify as separate and distinct.

To recognize mentally.

To distinguish.

(पहचानना/ विचार करना/ देखना/ प्रभेद करना)

Anticipate, Ascertain, Detect, Determine, Discover, Espy, Extricate, Focus, Differentiate, Discriminate, Behold, Catch, Perceive, Regard, Remark, See, View, Witness

Confuse, Doubt, Miss, Overlook, Forget, Ignore, Lose, Misunderstand, Neglect, Disregard, Mix up, Misapprehend, Misconceive, Misconstrue, Misinterpret

He is only a 14-year-old to discern right and wrong.



Overall character of someone as judged by people.

A place in public esteem.

A favourable and publicly recognized name for merit.

(प्रतिष्ठा/ प्रसिद्धि/ साख/ मान)

Character, Fame, Honour, Influence, Name, Notoriety, Opinion, Position, Acceptability, Account, Approval, Authority, Credit

Unimportance, Disapproval, Disbelief, Disfavour, Dislike, Disregard, Disrespect, Disreputableness

He has a good reputation in the market.



To bring to a conclusion.

To complete.

To bring about a result by effort.

To succeed in reaching a stage.

(पूरा करना/ साधना/ सिद्ध करना/ साधन करना)

Achieve, Attain, Bring about, Carry out, Conclude, Do, Finish, Manage, Perform, Realize, Score, Take care of, Win

Begin, Commence, Destroy, Fail, Introduce, Leave, Lose, Miss, Neglect, Forfeit

We have finally accomplished the tasks.



To understand the meaning of something.

To include.

To take in.

To grasp the nature, significance, or meaning of something.

To contain within a total scope.

To include by construction.

(समझ/ समझना/ बूझना/ सम्मिलित करना)

Appreciate, Assimilate, Discern, Envision, Fathom, Grasp, Apprehend, Catch, Cognize, Conceive, Dig, Envisage

Disregard, Misunderstand, Neglect, Overlook, Lose, Misinterpret, Miss, Not get, Exclude, Mistake

My wife was unable to comprehend what is going to happen.



A representative group.

Any one of the representative groups composing an assemblage.


Batch, Detachment, Body, Bunch, Deputation, Disciples, Mission, Quota

Individual, One

We are planning to hold a bilateral talk with the Japanese contingent.


Dependent for existence on something not yet certain.

Likely but not certain to happen.

Not necessary.

Happening by chance.

(आकस्मिक/ प्रासंगिक/ दस्ता/ सैन्यदल)

Unforeseen, Accidental, Chance, Dependent, Fluky, Fortuitous, Haphazard, Probable, Casual

Designed, Essential, Planned, Certain, Definite, Real

Our partnership is contingent on fulfilment of promises.



A body of persons employed in an organization or a factory.

A department in an organization that deals with the matters related to employees.

(कार्मिक/ कर्मचारी वर्ग/ अमला)

Cadre, Crew, Group, Organization, Staff, People, Troop, Workforce, Manpower


I am hiring new personnelq for the organization.

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