The Hindu Vocabulary 26 July 2022


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 26 July 2022 is from the Editorial titled ‘Out of bounds: On the Supreme Court’s stand on bail conditions.’


Part of Speech/Idiom





Out of Bounds


Outside of an established boundary within which normal activities are allowed.

Not open to discussion or revision.

Violation of acceptable rules.

(सीमा के बाहर/ एक स्थापित सीमा के बाहर जिसके भीतर सामान्य गतिविधियों की अनुमति है ।/ चर्चा या संशोधन के लिए खुला नहीं है ।/ स्वीकार्य नियमों का उल्लंघन ।)




The interviewer was told not to ask questions that are out of bounds.



Something that is being disliked because it is difficult or unpleasant.

Involving a burden.

Having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages.

(कष्टदायक/ भारी/ दुर्वह/ दुर्भर)

Arduous, Backbreaking, Burdensome, Cumbersome, Difficult, Severe, Strenuous, Troublesome, Weighty, Austere, Crushing, Embittering

Calm, Easy, Effortless, Facile, Friendly, Gentle, Helpful, Mild

I am bored due to onerous tasks.



About court proceedings.

Ordered by the court.

Sanctioned by a court.

Giving judgment.

Inclined to make judgments.

By a court or a judge.

(अदालती/ न्यायतंत्र/ न्यायालय-संबंधी)

Juridical, Administrative, Authoritative, Constitutional


A judicial decision was passed against him and he has to pay all his dues.



Firm and uncompromising.


Austere, Flinty, Harsh, Ramrod

Clement, Gentle, Indulgent, Lax

The police officer’s stern look was enough to get the truth out of the culprit’s mouth.


A rear end of a boat.

(जलयान का पिछला भाग)



She fell into the river while sitting on the stern.



Force (something unwelcome or unfamiliar) to be accepted or put in place.

Take advantage of someone by demanding their attention or commitment.


Appoint, Charge, Demand, Require, Establish, Foist

Disorder, Overlook, Displace, Forget

A penalty may be imposed if you file your tax return after the due date.



An intervening time.

A temporary or provisional arrangement.

An intervening time.


Meantime, Breach, Break, Breather, Hiatus, Downtime, Gap

Continuation, Continuity, Permanence

He is taking French Language classes in the interim.


Belonging to a temporary period.

(अन्तरिम का)

Provisional, Stopgap, Acting, Caretaker, Makeshift

Finished, Permanent, Continual, Permanent

You should look for a permanent job as you cannot rely on interim jobs.



A representative group.

Any one of the representative groups composing an assemblage.


Batch, Detachment, Body, Bunch, Deputation, Disciples, Mission, Quota

Individual, One

We met the Sri Lankan contingent at the convention.


Dependent for existence on something not yet certain.

Likely but not certain to happen.

Not necessary.

Happening by chance.

(आकस्मिक/ प्रासंगिक/ दस्ता/ सैन्यदल)

Unforeseen, Accidental, Chance, Dependent, Fluky, Fortuitous, Haphazard, Probable, Casual

Designed, Essential, Planned, Certain, Definite, Real

Our deal is contingent on the availability of a transportation partner.



A book or collection of selected writings by various authors in the same literary form.

A collection of writings by different authors published in one book.

(संकलन/ पद्यावली/ गद्यावली)

Album, Compendium, Compilation, Digest, Garland, Selection, Treasury, Analect, Omnibus


This book is an anthology of Modern History of India.



An assertion made with little or no proof.


Accusation, Charge, Claim, Plea

Exculpation, Denial

The allegations against me will soon be proven false.



Having barbs.

Characterized by pointed and biting criticism.

Calculated to wounds.

(कंटीले / कांटेदार)

Biting, Pointed, Stinging, Piercing, Spiked, Wounding, Acidic, Sharp

Mild, Complimentary, Flattering, Nice

He was known for his barbed criticisms.



A person who has custody.

A person entrusted with guarding or maintaining a property.

One who guards and protects.

(संरक्षक/ अभिरक्षक/ परिरक्षक/ निधिपाल)

Admit, Curator, Keeper, Overseer, Protector, Steward, Superintendent, Supervisor, Watchdog, Cerberus, Bodyguard, Cleaner, Concierge, Janitor


The custodian makes rounds of the building thrice a day to make sure everything is working.



An inclination toward something.

Natural inclination or tendency to do something.

(झुकाव/ प्रवृत्ति/ इच्छा/ रुझान)

Penchant, Predilection, Predisposition, Propensity, Druthers, Facility, Flash, Groove, Bent, Bias, Aptitude, Turn

Antipathy, Dislike, Disinclination, Hate

He has a proclivity for diligence in every task.



Something that tends to prove or disprove something.


Attestation, Confirmation, Proof, Substantiation

Disproof, Conceal, Hide, Obscure

He bribed an officer to erase all the evidence.



To make an impression.

To encroach or infringe.

To have an effect or impact.

To strike with a sharp collision.

(टकराना/ ठक्कर खाना/ ठोकर खाना/ चोट लगना/ ऊपर गिराना/ लगाना)

Encroach, Infringe, Intrude, Affect, Invade, Bang, Bash, Collide, Ram, Smash, Swipe

Leave alone, Avoid, Dodge

The reduction in defense budgets has impinged on defense manufacturers.



The act of complying with a desire.

A disposition to yield to others.

Conformity or accordance.

Cooperation or obedience.

Do what is required to do.

(अनुपालन/ क़बूल/ इजाज़त/ अनुमति/ पालन/ स्वीकृति)

Conformity, Consent, Acquiescence, Amenability, Assent, Complaisance, Concession, Concurrence, Deference, Docility

Difference, Disagreement, Refusal, Disobedience, Rebellion, Resistance, Defiance, Denial, Dissension, Dissent

The food inspector surveyed the factory to ensure compliance with the safety laws.



Inclined to criticize severely.

Exercising judicious evaluation.

Of the nature of a crisis.

Some important juncture.

(गंभीर/ आलोचनात्मक/ नाजुक/ फुलाना/ आलोचनावादी)

Demanding, Analytical, Belittling, Biting, Crucial, Dangerous, Decisive, Dire, Carping, Rejective

Complimentary, Praising, Trivial, Laudatory, Certain, Inessential, Minor, Safe, Uncritical

The report covers the critical analysis of the government strategies and schemes.



A command from a higher authority to a lower one.

The power that voters give to their elected leader.


Authorization, Commission, Delegation, Empowerment

Breach, Break, Denial, Question

The losing party accepted the mandate of the public.


To officially require something.


Call, Command, Dictate, Direct

Request, Veto

The Supreme court mandated the playing of the National Anthem in Movie Theatres before the beginning of the movie.



Great in number.

(संख्या में बहुत ज्यादा)

Myriad, Countless, Many, Multifarious, Multitudinous, Numberless, Populous, Several, Various, Multitudinal

Few, Numbered

Her devotees are legion.


The principal unit of the Roman army comprising of 3000 to 6000 foot soldiers.

A large military force.

A very large number.

(सैन्य टुकड़ी/ लशकर/ विशाल संख्या/ भीड़)

Army, Flock, Horde, Multitude, Throng, Body, Brigade, Cloud, Division, Drove, Host

Individual, Only

His act of kindness won him a legion of followers.



The inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s motives.

The complex of ethical and moral principles that controls the actions of an individual.

An inhibiting sense of what is prudent.

Conformity to what one considers to be morally good.

(अंतरात्मा की आवाज / अंतःकरण / अन्तश्चेतना / फुलाना/ सद्सद्विवेक)

Shame, Censor, Morals, Principles, Compunction, Demur, Duty, Qualms, Scruples


Politicians don’t take a stand until voters demand it or their conscience requires it.



(of an action or gesture) carried out with a minimum of effort or reflection.

Performed merely as a routine duty.

Lacking in interest.

(असावधान/ बेपरवाह/ पल्लवग्राही/ अचेत)

Cursory, Desultory, Quick, Brief, Hasty, Rapid, Offhand, Sketchy, Careless, Superficial, Disinterested, Heedless

Careful, Detailed, Complete, Thorough

She gave the report a perfunctory glance.



Clearly or Sharply defined.

Expressing strong criticism or forceful opinions.

(कटु/ तीव्र/ प्रखर)

Acerbic, Biting, Caustic, Incisive, Mordant, Penetrating, Pointed, Pungent, Salient, Crushing, Cutting, Distinct, Driving

Bland, Blunt, Calm, Dull, Gentle, Kind, Mild, Nice, Soothing, Stupid

The government is planning a trenchant policy on education.



Lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, especially gradually or insidiously.

(दुर्बल करना)

Subvert, Sabotage, Threaten, Weaken, Diminish

Push, Urge, Stimulate, Boost, Enhance, Improve, Strengthen

You will regret undermining my abilities.



Moderate or self-restrained.

Moderate in passion.

Not excessive in degree.

A place where the climate is never extremely hot or extremely cold.

(शीतोष्ण/ संयमी/ नरम/ परहेज़गार/ संकोची/ रूखा)

Agreeable, Balmy, Level-headed, Mild, Pleasant, Restraint, Sober, Constant, Cool, Curbed, Discreet, Abstemious, Abstentious

Disagreeable, Harsh, Hateful, Nasty, Nervous, Unpleasant, Drunk, Excessive, Immoderate, Inebriated

He is a temperate man when it comes to any work involving effort.

Obiter Dictum


A judge’s expression of opinion uttered in a court, but not essential to the decision and therefore not legally binding as a precedent.

Any comment or observation made in passing.

(यह संयोग/ प्रासंगिक उक्ति/ इतरोक्ति/ प्रसंगोक्ति)

Animadversion, Annotation, Backtalk, Buzz, Comeback, Comment, Editorial, Elucidation, Exposition, Footnote, Crack, Criticism


Those comments were nothing but obiter dictum.

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