The Hindu Vocabulary 29 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 29 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Old ties: On the India and Greece bilateral relationship.”


Part of Speech/Idiom







Something involving or relating to two sides or parties, often implying mutual interactions or agreements.


Two-sided, Mutual, Reciprocal, Dual, Twofold, Both, Double, Coupled, Joint, Duplex

Unilateral, One-sided, Nonreciprocal, Singular, Individual, Separate, Unilateral, Solitary, Alone, Independent

The two countries engaged in bilateral talks to strengthen their economic cooperation.



Something that has been reduced or made smaller in size, quantity, or intensity.

(कम किया गया)

Decreased, Lessened, Reduced, Lowered, Abated, Dwindled, Shrank, Dropped, Declined, Waned.

Increased, Augmented, Enhanced, Enlarged, Expanded, Intensified, Strengthened, Boosted, Amplified, Magnified

The musician's enthusiasm never diminished, even after years of performing on stage.



Temperature and emotional expression.


Heat, Cosiness, Affection, Friendliness, Geniality, Fervor, Kindness, Tenderness, Ardor, Cordiality

Coldness, Chill, Aloofness, Indifference, Unfriendliness, Apathy, Hostility, Detachment, Frigidity, Animosity

The warmth of her smile lit up the room and made everyone feel welcome.



 The ability to move or be moved easily and freely.


Movement, Locomotion, Travel, Motion, Migration, Passage, Progress, Traverse, Transfer, Shifting

Immobility, Stagnation, Stillness, Inactivity, Rest, Rigidity, Fixity, Stationary, Halt, Stasis

The invention of the automobile revolutionized personal mobility and transportation.



Discussing and reaching an agreement or compromise between parties with differing interests or viewpoints.


Discussion, Bargaining, Mediation, Consultation, Conferencing, Diplomacy, Parley, Settlement, Accord, Compromise.

Confrontation, Disagreement, Dispute, Opposition, Argument, Resistance, Struggle, Confronting, Refusal, Intransigence.

Skillful negotiation is essential for resolving conflicts and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.



Often through skillful or deceptive means.

(कौशल से बनाया गया।)

Crafted, Fabricated, Constructed, Manufactured, Fashioned, Shaped, Formed, Created, Molded, Fabricated.

Genuine, Authentic, Original, Natural, Real, Unaltered, Unaffected, Unmodified, Unprocessed, Untouched.

The artist forged a stunning sculpture out of scrap metal.



Covering all aspects or including a wide range of information.


Thorough, Complete, Exhaustive, Inclusive, All-encompassing, Detailed, Encyclopedic, Full, Integrated, Total

Limited, Partial, Incomplete, Narrow, Superficial, Fragmentary, Selective, Shallow, Skimpy, Insufficient

The comprehensive report covered every detail of the project, leaving no aspect untouched.



Power, or a particular goal in life.


Aspiration, Goal, Desire, Aim, Objective, Purpose, Endeavor, Dream, Target, Striving

Apathy, Indifference, Contentment, Satisfaction, Complacency, Laziness, Stagnation, Mediocrity, Inaction, Demotivation

Her ambition to become a renowned scientist drove her to excel in her studies



Merging, or combining different elements or ideas into a unified whole.

(मिलान किया गया)

Blended, Fused, Integrated, Combined, Mixed, Unified, Merged, Incorporated, Interwoven, Synthesized

Separated, Divided, Disconnected, Dismantled, Unmixed, Isolated, Segregated, Fragmented, Disassembled, Disjoined

The artist melded various colors to create a vibrant and harmonious painting.



The act of forcefully taking valuable items or resources, often through theft or destruction.

(विकसित किया गया)

Pillaged, Looted, Ransacked, Despoiled, Ravaged, Booty, Stripped, Rifled, Gutted, Spoiled

Protected, Preserved, Safeguarded, Secured, Conserved, Cherished, Defended, Guarded, Sheltered, Saved

The invaders plundered the village, leaving behind destruction and chaos.



The process of bringing something back to its original or former condition, often after damage or decay.


Renewal, Rehabilitation, Revival, Rejuvenation, Repair, Reinstatement, Refurbishment, Reestablishment, Reconstruction, Reconstitution

Destruction, Ruin, Degradation, Deterioration, Decline, Neglect, Abandonment, Depletion, Desolation, Devastation

The restoration of the historic building involved meticulous repair and preservation of its original features.



Vary or expand the range of something, such as products, investments, or activities, to introduce variety or broaden options.

(विविधता बढ़ाना)

Broaden, Expand, Vary, Enrich, Extend, Widen, Multiply, Enhance, Augment, Extend

Homogenize, Standardize, Limit, Narrow, Constrain, Restrict, Simplify, Unify, Concentrate, Consolidate

The company decided to diversify its product line to attract a wider range of customers.

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