The Hindu Vocabulary 31 August 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 30 August 2023 is from the Editorial titled “A Nuh model: On Haryana and the determination of the political executive."


Part of Speech/Idiom







To connect or associate with.

(संलग्न करना)

Connect, Associate, Join, Link, Attach, Unite, Couple, Relate, Align, Combine.

Disconnect, Disassociate, Detach, Unlink, Separate, Divide, Isolate, Dissociate, Sever, Withdraw.

She decided to affiliate with the new research team to explore innovative ideas in her field.



A formal parade or march, often for ceremonial or religious purposes.


Parade, March, Cavalcade, Pageant, Column, Line, Convoy, Caravan, Train, File.

Disarray, Disorganization, Disorder, Chaos, Confusion, Anarchy, Unruliness, Turmoil, Commotion, Tumult.

The grand procession through the streets showcased the cultural diversity of the region.



To make a loud noise.

To collide noisily.

To conflict.

To produce sound as by collision.

(टकराना/ असहमत होना/ एक ही समय होना/ संघर्ष करना)

Confrontation, Conflict, Collision, Encounter, Friction, Fight, Struggle, Dispute, Contest, Showdown.

Harmony, Agreement, Concord, Accord, Cooperation, Conformity, Understanding, Alignment, Consensus, Unity.

The opinions between the two leaders clashed and led to a heated debate during the meeting.



To refuse to accept, acknowledge, or grant something; to declare as untrue or invalid.

(इनकार करना)

Refuse, Reject, Decline, Disapprove, Repudiate, Disavow, Negate, Disallow, Contradict, Withhold.

Accept, Acknowledge, Grant, Approve, Confirm, Admit, Affirm, Concede, Allow, Embrace.

She couldn't deny the impact of the evidence presented during the trial.



To bring together into one group.

(इकट्ठा करना/ बटोरना/ जमा देना/ समेटना)

Assembly, Meeting, Convening, Convergence, Congregation, Convocation, Rally, Get-together, Conclave, Gathering.

Dispersal, Scattering, Disbanding, Dissolution, Dispersing, Dissemination, Separation, Breakup, Departure, Disconnection.

The family was gathering on a joyful occasion where relatives from all over the country reunited.



Regarded with reverence and respect; considered holy, divine, or spiritually significant.


Holy, Divine, Revered, Hallowed, Sanctified, Blessed, Venerated, Worshipful, Sacrosanct, Spiritual.

Profane, Irreverent, Blasphemous, Secular, Mundane, Unholy, Common, Sacrilegious, Impious, Irreligious.

The ancient temple was a place considered sacred by the local community, where rituals and prayers were performed.



To strategically position or arrange resources, personnel, or equipment for a specific purpose or task.

(तैनात करना)

Position, Arrange, Organize, Station, Mobilize, Set up, Utilize, Employ, Distribute, Place.

Withdraw, Recall, Remove, Disband, Dismantle, Disperse, Idle, Pack away, Store, Inactivate.

The military unit was deployed to the border region to enhance security measures.



To be held back or confined, often by authority, due to suspicion, investigation, or legal reasons.

(रोकना/ हिरासत में लेना/ ठहराना/ टालना)

Confined, Restricted, Incarcerated, Restrained, Arrested, Apprehended, Captured, Held, Detained, Impounded.

Released, Freed, Liberated, Discharged, Emancipated, Exonerated, Acquitted, Clear, Free, Unconfined.

The traveler was detained at the customs checkpoint for further questioning about the contents of their luggage.



Sincere and serious intention or effort; a state of genuine and focused commitment.


Sincerity, Seriousness, Dedicatio, Devotion, Commitment, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Determination, Resoluteness, Earnest.

Insincerity, Frivolity, Superficiality, Indifference, Nonchalance, Lightheartedness, Playfulness, Apathy, Disinterest, Triviality.

Her earnestness in volunteering for the social cause was evident through her consistent efforts to make a positive impact.



The state of agreement, cooperation, or peaceful coexistence among different elements or individuals.


Unity, Accord, Agreement, Concord, Consensus, Cooperation, Peace, Conformity, Balance, Synergy.

Discord, Disagreement, Conflict, Disharmony, Dissension, Hostility, Disunity, Strife, Clashes, Turmoil.

The music festival showcased the beauty of harmony, as various instruments and voices blended together seamlessly.



Acting without moral principles or ethical standards; lacking honesty and integrity.


Dishonest, Unethical, Immoral, Corrupt, Deceitful, Fraudulent, Cunning, Deceptive, Unprincipled, Underhanded.

Ethical, Moral, Honest, Principled, Upright, Honorable, Conscientious, Virtuous, Scrupulous, Righteous.

The unscrupulous business practices of the company were exposed, leading to a loss of trust among its customers.



Flourishing, successful, and enjoying financial well-being or favorable circumstances.


Thriving, Successful, Flourishing, Wealthy, Affluent, Well-off, Opulent, Booming, Well-to-do, Fortunate.

Struggling, Unsuccessful, Impoverished, Poor, Destitute, Needy, Underprivileged, Unfortunate, Disadvantaged, Impecunious.

The region's prosperous economy was evident from the modern infrastructure and high living standards of its residents.



To interrupt, disturb, or cause disorder or chaos in a regular process or system.

(विघटित करना)

Interrupt, Disturb, Upset, Disorder, Distract, Interfere, Hinder, Break, Sabotage, Undermine.

Maintain, Stabilize, Sustain, Preserve, Facilitate, Assist, Support, Enhance, Promote, Aid.

The unexpected power outage managed to disrupt the ongoing presentation, causing confusion among the attendees.



The outer edge or border of something; the periphery or margin of a group, movement, or area.


Border, Edge, Periphery, Margin, Boundary, Rim, Brink, Borderline, Outskirts, Hem.

Center, Core, Mainstream, Heart, Interior, Hub, Focus, Central, Middle, Nucleus.

The art exhibit featured both well-known paintings and some experimental pieces on the fringe of contemporary art.



Involved in illegal, unethical, or wrongful activities with others; sharing responsibility or guilt.


Collaborative, Involved, Accomplice, Collaborator, Aiding and abetting, Partner in crime, Participant, Conspirator, Accessory, Assistant.

Innocent, Uninvolved, Unrelated, Unconnected, Unaffected, Unassociated, Blameless, Guiltless, Uncompromised, Clear.

Despite his claims of innocence, evidence suggested that he was complicit in the embezzlement scheme.

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