The Hindu Vocabulary 1 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 1 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Mapping the way forward: on China and its neighbours".


Part of Speech/Idiom







The ability to perceive and respond to subtle changes, emotions, or stimuli in a thoughtful and compassionate manner.


Compassion, Empathy, Responsiveness, Acuteness, Delicacy, Tactfulness, Attentiveness, Awareness, Sensitiveness, Consideration

Insensitivity, Indifference, Callousness, Numbness, Apathy, Coldness, Unresponsiveness, Imperviousness, Inconsideration, Obliviousness

Sensitivity towards the feelings of others is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships.



The process of fixing or restoring something that is damaged, broken, or in a state of disrepair.


Fix, Mend, Restore, Rectify, Renew, Refurbish, Recondition, Patch up, Remediate, Revamp

Damage, Break, Ruin, Destroy, Deteriorate, Worsen, Impair, Harm, Sabotage, Demolish

He hired a professional to repair the leaky roof.



A situation where two or more things come into conflict or disagreement, often resulting in a clash of ideas, interests, or opinions.


Conflicting, Colliding, Struggling, Contradictory, Contesting, Disputing, Disagreeing, Competing, Dueling, Combative

Harmonious, Agreeable, Concurring, Coordinated, Unified, Peaceful, Consensual, Compatible, Congruent, Amicable

The clashing opinions within the team made it difficult to reach a consensus on the project's direction.



Indicate that something can be argued or debated, often implying that there is room for differing opinions.

(तर्कसंगत रूप से)

Debatable, Controversially, Possibly, Questionably, Conceivably, Plausibly, Doubtfully, Arguably, Potentially, Disputably

Undoubtedly, Unquestionably, Indisputably, Certainly, Definitely, Clearly, Absolutely, Irrefutably, Unambiguously, Incontestably

Arguably, this is one of the most challenging problems in the field of mathematics.



The process of making something normal, regular, or standard.


Standardization, Organization, Regularization, Structuring, Systematization, Rationalization, Arrangement, Orderliness, Optimization, Efficiency Enhancement


Disorganization, Chaos, Disorder, Confusion, Fragmentation, Irregularity, Anarchy, Jumble, Disarray, Inefficiency

Normalisation of the data in the database greatly improved its efficiency and reduced redundancy.



Explain or understand the meaning of something, often by translating it from one language to another or by providing an explanation or analysis.

(व्याख्या करना)

Decipher, Construe, Translate, Explain, Elucidate, Render, Decode, Comprehend, Construe, Expound

Misinterpret, Misunderstand, Confuse, Distort, Misread, Obscure, Muddle, Misconstrue, Twist, Garble

She had to interpret the ancient manuscript to understand its hidden message.



In the middle of or surrounded by something.

(बीच में)

Amidst, Among, In the midst of, Surrounded by, In the middle of, Between, Betwixt, In the thick of, In the heart of, During

Outside, Beyond, Far from, Away from, Apart from, Outside of, Out of, Not among, Externally, Absent

The children played happily amid the colorful flowers in the garden.



A behavior characterized by hostility, assertiveness, or a readiness to attack or confront.


Hostile, Combative, Assertive, Belligerent, Pugnacious, Militant, Fierce, Violent, Ferocious, Intense

Passive, Gentle, Peaceful, Calm, Nonchalant, Docile, Submissive, Timid, Mild, Pacifistic

His aggressive attitude during the negotiation made it difficult to reach a compromise.



The act of assembling resources, people, or forces, especially for a specific purpose, often related to readiness for action or a collective effort.


Deployment, Activation, Organization, Preparation, Gathering, Marshaling, Aggregation, Arrangement, Readiness, Convergence

Demobilization, Disbandment, Dissolution, Dispersal, Disintegration, Decompilation, Deactivation, Deconstruction, Dismantling, Scattering

The swift mobilization of emergency response teams saved lives during the natural disaster.



Fall or dive quickly and with force into something, often water. It can also refer to a sudden decrease or decline in something.

(गोता खोरी करना)

Dived, Dove, Sank, Plunged, Descended, Plummeted, Submerged, Tumbled, Immersed, Subsided

Ascended, Rose, Climbed, Elevated, Emerged, Recovered, Soared, Ascended, Increased, Rose

He courageously plunged into the icy water to rescue the drowning swimmer.



The act of repeating something, often for emphasis or clarity.


Repetition, Iteration, Recapitulation, Redundancy, Duplication, Restatement, Echo, Renewal, Replication, Recurrence

Omission, Exclusion, Avoidance, Neglect, Neglect, Silence, Silence, Non repetition

The teacher's reiteration of the important lesson helped the students understand it better.



The act of becoming involved in a situation to alter or influence its course, often with the aim of improving or resolving it.


Interference, Involvement, Mediation, Intercession, Meddling, Interposition, Arbitration, Interference, Meddling, Intrusion

Noninterference, Nonintervention, Abstention, Inactivity, Noninvolvement, Neutrality, Noninterference, Avoidance, Disregard, uninvolvement

The doctor's timely intervention saved the patient's life during the critical moments.



The re-establishment of cordial relations or reconciliation between parties after a period of tension or estrangement.


Reconciliation, Reunion, Reestablishment, Reconciliation, Reconnection, Harmonization, Reuniting, Rapport, Understanding, Resolution

Estrangement, Discord, Alienation, Dissension, Hostility, Disagreement, Separation, Division, Rivalry, Conflict

The diplomatic efforts led to a successful rapprochement between the two warring nations.



Something that is shared in common by two or more parties, where both or all parties have the same interest or relationship with each other.


Shared, Joint, Reciprocal, Common, Collective, Shared, Shared, Interactive, Communal, Coordinated

Unilateral, One-sided, Individual, Exclusive, Personal, Singular, Selfish, Separate, Divided, Isolated

Their mutual admiration for art brought them together as close friends.



The ability to detect or respond to slight changes, delicate feelings, or emotional awareness.


Responsiveness, Delicacy, Acuteness, Awareness, Perception, Empathy, Tenderness, Sentiment, Compassion, Consideration

Insensitivity, Indifference, Callousness, Numbness, Obliviousness, Unresponsiveness, Inconsiderateness, Emotionlessness, Apathy, Indiscretion

Her sensitivity to the needs of others made her a compassionate and understanding friend.


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