The Hindu Vocabulary 2 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 2 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “An uneven rebound: On the economy".


Part of Speech/Idiom







To bounce back or recover after a setback or disappointment.

(पुनरावर्तित होना)

Recoil, Spring back, Bounce, Reflect, Return, Resile, Repercuss, Bound, Backfire, Ricochet

Collapse, Decline, Sink, Retreat, Plummet, Slump, Wane, Deteriorate, Regress, Plummet

After facing initial rejection, he managed to rebound with even greater determination and success.



To present or assume a particular attitude, position, or stance, often for a photograph or as a display of one's character or feelings.

(पोज़ करना)

Posture, Attitude, Stance, Bearing, Position, Gesture, Mannerism, Demeanor, Pretense, Expression

Disregard, Neglect, Ignore, Abandon, Renounce, Reject, Disown, Shun, Negate, Disclaim

She struck a graceful pose in front of the camera, capturing the attention of everyone in the room.



To remain or stay in a place or situation for a longer period than necessary or expected, often out of reluctance to leave.

(विलंबित रहना)

Tarry, Loiter, Dally, Hover, Delay, Prolong, Stay, Procrastinate, Dawdle, Dwell

Hasten, Rush, Speed, Depart, Leave, Vacate, Abandon, Dash, Hasten, Move

He chose to linger by the beach, savoring the sunset's beauty as long as he could.



Remaining or left over after a process or event.


Remaining, Leftover, Remnant, Remaining, Vestigial, Excess, Left, Surplus, Unused, Unconsumed

Complete, Total, Entire, Consumed, Exhausted, Depleted, Finished, Used, Spent, Drained

The residual effects of the storm were evident in the flooded streets and downed trees.



Reaching the highest point or final stage of a process or event.

(समापन होना)

Climaxing, Peaking, Reaching a zenith, Cresting, Climbing, Topping, Concluding, Culmination, Apex, Pinnacle.

Beginning, Initiating, Commencing, Starting, Inaugurating, Launching, Opening, Originating, Setting off, Genesis

The concert was the culminating event of the music festival, featuring the most talented artists.



A state of unease, physical or mental discomfort, or a lack of comfort.


Unease, Suffering, Distress, Pain, Agony, Disquiet, Inconvenience, Malaise, Discontent, Uneasiness

Comfort, Ease, Well-being, Contentment, Pleasure, Relaxation, Relief, Happiness, Satisfaction, Bliss

The uncomfortable chair caused him great discomfort during the long meeting



A student who stays away from school without leave or explanation.

(स्पष्टीकरण के स्कूल न आने वाला छात्र)

Absentee, Skipper, Hooky player, Dodger, Shirk, Delinquent, Laggard, Non-attender, Slacker, Idle student

Attender, Punctual student, Conscientious student, Diligent student, Attendee, Scholar, Bookworm, Devoted learner, Model student, Regular attendee

The truant student missed several days of class without providing a valid reason for their absence.



Strong, healthy, vigorous, and able to withstand or overcome challenges.

(मज़बूत और सुस्त)

Strong, Sturdy, Healthy, Vigorous, Resilient, Hearty, Powerful, Sound, Energetic, Hale

Weak, Fragile, Feeble, Delicate, Frail, Vulnerable, Debilitated, Infirm, Unsteady, Delicate

Despite facing many obstacles, his robust health and determination helped him succeed in his endeavors.



Having sharp points or protrusions.


Pointed, Barbed, Jagged, Aculeate, Prickly, Spiny, Thorny, Stinging, Sharp, Serrated.

Smooth, Rounded, Blunt, Flat, Unpointed, Rounded, Dull, Soft, Edgeless, Obsolete.

The cactus had spiked thorns that made it difficult to touch without getting pricked.



Marked or indented by a blow or pressure.


Indented, Marked, Bruised, Battered, Scratched, Nicked, Gouged, Pitted, Scarred, Crumpled.

Smooth, Unblemished, Intact, Undamaged, Flawless, Unmarked, Unharmed, Perfect, Pristine, Unscathed.

The car's door was dented after the collision with the tree.



To restrain or control something, usually to limit or prevent it.


Restrain, Control, Limit, Check, Constrain, Suppress, Regulate, Inhibit, Hold back, Tame.

Release, Free, Encourage, Permit, Promote, Unleash, Allow, Expand, Liberate, Facilitate.

He tripped on the curb and scraped his knee.



To increase rapidly in number or spread.

(विकसित होना)

Multiply, Expand, Grow, Multiply, Flourish, Escalate, burgeon, Thrive, Boom, Propagate.

Decrease, Diminish, Decline, Shrink, Contract, Reduce, Abate, Curtail, Dwindle, Ebb.

Due to favorable conditions, the population of rabbits in the area began to proliferate.


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