The Hindu Vocabulary 4 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 4 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Uniting front: On the INDIA bloc."


Part of Speech/Idiom







The act of bringing together or joining different individuals, groups, or things into a single, cohesive whole.


Combining, Merging, Joining, Connecting, Consolidating, Harmonizing, Integrating, Associating, Fusing, Coalescing

Separating, Dividing, Disjoining, Isolating, Fragmenting, Segregating, Detaching, Dismantling, Disassembling, Disuniting

The project succeeded in uniting people from various backgrounds to work towards a common goal.



The practice of working together with others, typically in a cooperative and mutually beneficial manner.


Cooperative, Joint, Teamwork, Coordinated, Collective, Unified, Conjoint, Synergetic, Mutual, Coactive

Independent, Solo, Isolated, Individualistic, Self-reliant, Unilateral, Disjointed, Competitive, Detached, Uncooperative

The collaborative effort of the team resulted in a successful project completion.



A person who convenes or organizes a meeting or event.


Organizer, Chairperson, Facilitator, Coordinator, Moderator, Arranger, Director, Manager, Chairman, Host.

Disorganizer, Distractor, Disarranger, Saboteur, Opposer, Obstructor, Hinderer, Blocker, Delayer, Nonparticipant.

The convener of the conference ensured that everything ran smoothly and on schedule.



To reveal or make something known or visible, especially for the first time.

(प्रकट करना)

Reveal, Disclose, Uncover, Expose, Display, Show, Manifest, Exhibit, Release, Present.

Conceal, Hide, Cover, Mask, Shroud, Camouflage, Bury, Wrap, Suppress, Obscure.

The artist will unveil her latest masterpiece at the gallery opening tonight.



Plan of action designed to achieve a specific goal or objective, typically over a longer period.


Plan, Tactic, Approach, Method, Scheme, Blueprint, Game plan, Maneuver, Course of action, Ploy.

Disorder, Chaos, Randomness, Haphazardness, Confusion, Aimlessness, Ineffectiveness, Unplanned, Improvisation, Spontaneity.

The company's marketing strategy helped it gain a competitive edge in the market.



The ability to see or the act of seeing; a mental image of what the future could be.


Sight, Eyesight, Perception, View, Observation, Visualization, Imagination, Dream, Prospect, Insight.

Blindness, Obscurity, Invisibility, Blind spot, Fogginess, Darkness, Ignorance, Short-sightedness, Tunnel vision, Ambiguity.

Her vision of a better world inspired her to work tirelessly for social change.



In progress or happening; currently underway or in motion.


Underway, Ongoing, In motion, Happening, In progress, Undergoing, Under development, In the works, Occurring, Advancing.

Dormant, Stagnant, Inactive, At rest, Halted, Motionless, Stopped, Quiescent, Inert, Immobilized.

There are rumors afoot about major changes in the company's leadership.



A well-fortified place or position; a place where a particular group, belief, or activity is firmly established.


Fortress, Citadel, Bastion, Redoubt, Fortification, Bulwark, Keep, Garrison, Defense, Security.

Weakness, Vulnerability, Insecurity, Instability, Helplessness, Susceptibility, Feebleness, Unprotected, Defenseless, Exposure.

The ancient castle served as a stronghold during times of war.



Providing knowledge or information; serving to educate or inform.


Educational, Informative, Enlightening, Educational, Edifying, Pedagogical, Didactic, Informatory, Teaching.

Uninformative, Uninstructive, Misleading, Confusing, Deceptive, Obscure, Unenlightening, Unedifying, Noneducational, Unhelpful.

The documentary on space exploration was not only visually stunning but also highly instructive.



Attractive, pleasing, or engaging, often in a charming or enticing way.


Attractive, Charming, Enticing, Captivating, Alluring, Tempting, Irresistible, Enchanting, Seductive, Winning.

Unattractive, Repulsive, Unappealing, Uninviting, Displeasing, Repugnant, Offensive, Unattractive, Dull, Unenticing.

The beautiful sunset over the ocean was truly appealing, and it left everyone in awe.



Capable of working successfully; able to survive and grow.


Feasible, Workable, Practicable, Achievable, Possible, Doable, Realistic, Attainable, Manageable, Operable.

Impractical, Unfeasible, Unworkable, Impossible, Unattainable, Unrealistic, Nonviable, Unachievable, Nonpracticable, Unmanageable.

The business plan seemed viable, and investors were eager to fund the project.



Relating to or based on a particular set of beliefs, principles, or ideas.


Philosophical, Theoretical, Conceptual, Intellectual, Ethical, Dogmatic, Idealistic, Doctrine-driven, Belief-oriented, Creedal.

Pragmatic, Practical, Realistic, Unideological, Non-theoretical, Non-dogmatic, Empirical, Non-idealistic, Unconventional, Flexible.

The political party's ideological stance on social issues attracted like-minded voters.



The quality or state of being persistent, determined, and unyielding in achieving a goal or purpose.


Persistence, Determination, Perseverance, Resilience, Grit, Endurance, Steadfastness, Fortitude, Resolve, Doggedness.

Indifference, Inconstancy, Unsteadiness, Surrender, Apathy, Yielding, Timidity, Fragility, Weakness, Quitting.

Her tenacity and determination to overcome obstacles led her to achieve great success in her career.

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