The Hindu Vocabulary 6 September 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 6 September 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Tiers apart: On the ‘one nation, one election’ trial balloon".


Part of Speech/Idiom







To oppose or work against something, typically a problem or obstacle.


Oppose, Resist, Counter, Confront, Combat, Challenge, Defy, Contravene, Dispute, Contend.

Support, Aid, Assist, Promote, Advocate, Encourage, Foster, Bolster, Uphold, Back.

His lack of cooperation with the team constantly militates against their progress on the project.



A system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and individual states or provinces, allowing each level of government to have its own set of powers and responsibilities.


Alliance, Confederation, Coalition, Union, Federation, League, Compact, Guild, Syndicate, Confederacy.

Dictatorship, Monarchy, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Despotism, Oligarchy, Tyranny, Centralization, Unitarism.

Federalism promotes a balance of power between the central government and regional authorities.



Perception is how we interpret sensory information from our environment to understand the world.


Awareness, Comprehension, Cognition, Understanding, Apprehension, Insight, Recognition, Sensation, Discernment, Observation.

Ignorance, Misunderstanding, Incomprehension, Confusion, Unawareness, Obliviousness, Unconsciousness, Indifference, Disregard, Neglect.

Perception shapes our understanding of reality, making it a vital aspect of human cognition.



Typically refers to an official order or command given by an authority or government to carry out a specific action, often with the backing of laws or regulations.


Edict, Decree, Order, Command, Directive, Instruction, Authorization, Dictum, Pronouncement, Enactment.

Suggestion, Proposal, Request, Plea, Appeal, Entreaty, Petition, Supplication, Inquiry, Query.

The government issued a mandate requiring all citizens to wear masks in public places during the pandemic.



The act of defining or marking the boundaries or limits of something.


Boundary, Border, Division, Separation, Limitation, Definition, Partition, Delimitation, Borderline, Segmentation.

Connection, Union, Integration, Merging, Amalgamation, Blending, Fusion, Confluence, Conjoining, Unity.

The demarcation between the two properties was clearly indicated by the fence.



Diverse or having many different forms, types, or elements.


Diverse, Different, Various, Assorted, Heterogeneous, Multifarious, Manifold, Mixed, Sundry, Heterogenous.

Uniform, Homogeneous, Consistent, Identical, Similar, Monotonous, Unvaried, Constant, Unchanging, Unvarying.

Her wardrobe contained a varied collection of clothing styles from different eras.



The act of officially joining or associating with a group, organization, or institution.


Association, Connection, Membership, Relationship, Alliance, Partnership, Link, Tie-up, Cooperation, Integration.

Disassociation, Disaffiliation, Separation, Disconnection, Dissociation, Isolation, Detachment, Division, Severance, Alienation.

His affiliation with the prestigious university opened up many opportunities for research and collaboration.



To come together or unite to form a single entity or whole.

(मिल जाना)

Merge, Unite, Combine, Blend, Fuse, Consolidate, Incorporate, Conjoin, Integrate, Amalgamate.

Separate, Divide, Disperse, Diverge, Isolate, Detach, Disunite, Scatter, Break, Disintegrate.

The two companies coalesced to create a stronger and more competitive business entity.



Feasibility refers to the practicality or possibility of something being accomplished or implemented.


Viability, Practicability, Possibility, Workability, Doability, Suitability, Capability, Potential, Likelihood, Practicality.

Impracticality, Infeasibility, Impossibility, Unfeasibility, Unrealism, Improbability, Inaptitude, Inappropriateness, Inability, Unlikelihood.

The feasibility study determined that the construction project was financially viable and could proceed as planned.



The formal approval or acceptance of something, often through a vote or official process.


Confirmation, Endorsement, Approval, Validation, Acceptance, Authorization, Sanction, Consent, Affirmation, Adoption.

Rejection, Denial, Refusal, Disapproval, Veto, Dissent, Disavowal, Repudiation, Opposition, Dissension.

The ratification of the treaty by both nations marked a significant step towards peace and cooperation.



Scrutiny is the careful examination or inspection of something.


Examination, Inspection, Analysis, Investigation, Review, Evaluation, Assessment, Appraisal, Study, Observation.

Neglect, Oversight, Disregard, Inattention, Carelessness, Nonchalance, Ignorance, Blindness, Avoidance, Indifference.

The financial records underwent thorough scrutiny to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations.



 Having imperfections or defects; not perfect.


Imperfect, Defective, Faulty, Blemished, Marred, Incomplete, Damaged, Flaw-ridden, Impaired, Substandard.

Perfect, Impeccable, Faultless, Flawless, Unblemished, Unimpaired, Intact, Outstanding, Exceptional, Ideal.

The plan had a flawed design that needed to be revised to avoid potential problems.



The act of ending, disbanding, or breaking apart, often referring to the termination of an organization or the process of a solid dissolving into a liquid.


Disintegration, Disbandment, Termination, Dispersal, Dissolving, Separation, Closure, Disunion, Discontinuation, Ending.

Formation, Establishment, Union, Integration, Continuation, Unity, Commencement, Inception, Creation, Beginning.

The dissolution of the company resulted from financial difficulties and disagreements among its shareholders.


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