The Hindu Vocabulary 25 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 25 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Roadblocks to unity: On the INDIA bloc".


Part of Speech/Idiom







A formal or informal relationship between two or more parties or groups for mutual benefit or cooperation; a union or partnership.


Partnership, Coalition, Union, Association, Collaboration, Cooperation, League, Federation, Confederation, Bloc, Collaboration

Rivalry, Opposition, Hostility, Conflict, Disagreement, Enmity, Separation, Disunion, Division, Discord

The alliance between the two companies allowed them to compete more effectively in the global market.



To remove or force out from a particular place or position, often with difficulty; to displace or eject.


Remove, Evict, Eject, Expel, Oust, Unseat, Dethrone, Depose, Uproot, Displace

Install, Seat, Maintain, Retain, Keep, Secure, Preserve, Reinstate, Establish, Lodge

They had to use heavy machinery to dislodge the massive boulder that had blocked the road.



A person or team that competes in a contest, competition, or rivalry; someone who is in the running for a particular position, title, or achievement.


Competitor, Rival, Challenger, Opponent, Competer, Contestant, Runner, Candidate, Aspirant, Hopeful

Noncompetitor, Bystander, Spectator, Nonparticipant, Uncontested, Outsider, Ineligible, Noncandidate, Underdog, Weakling

She was a strong contender for the gold medal in the swimming competition.



Serving as a sign, signal, or indication of something; showing or suggesting a particular situation or condition.


Suggestive, Demonstrative, Representative, Signifying, Denoting, Symbolic, Symbolical, Evocative, Emblematic, Reveal

Unindicative, Inconclusive, Unrepresentative, Unsymbolic, Obscure, Vague, Ambiguous, Indefinite, Hidden, Secret

The dark clouds gathering in the sky were indicative of an approaching storm.



Severely critical, harsh, or damaging in tone, often referring to criticism or remarks that are extremely negative or scornful.


Cutting, Severe, Harsh, Searing, Scornful, Biting, Acerbic, Sarcastic, Vitriolic, Caustic

Praise, Complimentary, Flattering, Kind, Supportive, Gentle, Appreciative, Laudatory, Affectionate, Amiable

Her scathing review of the film left no room for optimism about its quality.



Relating to or used for a specific purpose, plan, or strategy, especially in a military, sports, or practical context.


Strategic, Prudent, Planned, Calculated, Deliberate, Clever, Well-thought-out, Shrewd, Skillful, Adroit

Impulsive, Haphazard, Unplanned, Unsystematic, Unstrategic, Unthinking, Unwary, Careless, Disorganized, Ill-advised

The team's tactical approach to the game helped them secure a victory.



An opponent or enemy in a contest, conflict, or struggle; someone who opposes or competes against another.


Opponent, Foe, Rival, Enemy, Competitor, Antagonist, Adversary, Contestant, Opposer, Combatant

Ally, Friend, Supporter, Collaborator, Associate, Helper, Aid, Comrade, Assistant, Accomplice

In the chess match, he faced a formidable adversary who pushed him to his limits.



Showing a readiness to give or share; characterized by a willingness to provide more than what is expected.


Benevolent, Charitable, Kind, Liberal, Altruistic, Magnanimous, Munificent, Philanthropic, Selfless, Openhanded

Benevolent, Charitable, Kind, Liberal, Altruistic, Magnanimous, Munificent, Philanthropic, Selfless, Openhanded

Her generous donation to the charity made a significant impact on their work.



To bring together or organize various elements into a harmonious and efficient arrangement, often for the purpose of working together effectively.


Organize, Synchronize, Harmonize, Integrate, Align, Unify, Match, Systematize, Combine, Manage

Disorganize, Disarrange, Mismanage, Confuse, Disperse, Scatter, Unsystematize, Separate, Uncoordinated, Fragment

The team needs to coordinate their efforts to complete the project on time.



An alliance or partnership formed by multiple individuals, groups, or entities to achieve a common goal or objective.


Alliance, Partnership, Union, Association, Confederation, Federation, Collaboration, Coalition, Combine, Syndicate

Disunion, Division, Separation, Disassociation, Fragmentation, Dissociation, Disaffiliation, Isolation, Split, Disconnection

The coalition of political parties worked together to win the election.



The act of moving upward, rising, or climbing; an upward journey or progression, often in the context of elevation or achievement.


Climb, Rise, Elevation, Upward movement, Increase, Advancement, Uplift, Upsurge, Upswing, Improvement

Descent, Decline, Fall, Drop, Downturn, Decrease, Drop, Plummet, Regression, Lowering, Reduction

The mountain climber's ascent to the peak was a challenging but rewarding journey.


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