The Hindu Vocabulary 23 October 2023


The vocabulary for The Hindu Editorial 23 October 2023 is from the Editorial titled “Frosty ties: On the worsening India-Canada ties".


Part of Speech/Idiom







Extremely cold in temperature; lacking warmth or friendliness in demeanor or atmosphere.


Icy, Chilly, Glacial, Freezing, Cold, Cool, Aloof, Unfriendly, Unapproachable, Reserved, Distant

Warm, Friendly, Welcoming, Cordial, Hospitable, Amicable, Affable, Genial, Hearty, Sociable

The atmosphere at the meeting was quite frosty, with very little communication between the two teams.



To make something or someone equal in value, size, or status; to bring about a state of fairness, uniformity, or balance.

(समान करना)

Equal, Level, Equate, Match, Even, Balance, Uniform, Par, Align, Comparable

Inequitable, Unfair, Imbalance, Unequal, Unmatched, Disparity, Unjust, Disproportionate, Differ

The new policy aims to equalize opportunities for all students, regardless of their background.



To fix or restore something that is damaged, broken, or not functioning properly; to mend, refurbish, or renovate.


Fix, Mend, Restore, Renew, Refurbish, Patch up, Reinstate, Revamp, Overhaul, Restore

Break, Damage, Destroy, Ruin, Wreck, Dismantle, Disintegrate, Shatter, Demolish, Deteriorate

The repair of the old bridge took several weeks, but now it's safe for use again.



To offer or present something to someone for acceptance or consideration; to extend or propose.

(प्रस्तावित करना)

Offer, Extend, Present, Suggest, Propose, Extend, Provide, Submit, Propound, Tender

Withhold, Retain, Keep, Refuse, Withdraw, Deny, Take back, Revoke

He was proffering his help to the community by volunteering at the local shelter.



An act of retaliation or revenge taken in response to an injury, insult, or offense; a counterattack or punitive action.


Retaliation, Revenge, Retribution, Vengeance, Counterattack, Payback, Reprisal, Avenging, Requital, Punishment

Forgiveness, Pardon, Mercy, Amnesty, Absolution, Clemency, Indulgence, Leniency, Compassion, Grace

The military carried out a reprisal against the enemy after they attacked our territory.



The act of forcing someone to leave or be removed from a place, organization, or country; the state of being expelled.


Ejection, Ouster, Eviction, Dismissal, Removal, Banishment, Deportation, Exile, Exclusion, Excommunication

Admission, Acceptance, Welcome, Inclusion, Retention, Allowance, Permission, Tolerance, Ingress, Induction

The expulsion of the student from the school was a consequence of repeated disciplinary violations.



Protection or exemption from a legal or natural obligation or penalty; the ability of the body to resist or defend against infection or disease.


Resistance, Protection, Exemption, Resistance, Defense, Security, Safeguard, Amnesty, Impunity, Exemption, Invulnerability

Vulnerability, Susceptibility, Exposure, Liability, Weakness, Helplessness, Insecurity, Peril, Endangerment, Jeopardy

Vaccination provides immunity against certain diseases, reducing the risk of infection. 



To respond to a remark, comment, or accusation in a sharp, witty, or sharp-witted manner; to reply in a quick and often angry or irritated manner.

(जवाब देना)

Responded, Replied, Answered, Countered, Rejoined, Shot back, Fired back, Returned, Quipped, Sassed

Agreed, Concurred, Accepted, Yielded, Assented, Approved, Acknowledged, Complied, Acquiesced, Consented

When he criticized her work, she retorted with a clever comeback that left him speechless.



To transport or carry something from one place to another; to communicate or make known a message, information, or feeling.


Transported, Carried, Transmitted, Sent, Dispatched, Transferred, Relayed, Communicated, Passed on, Imparted

Withheld, Concealed, Kept, Retained, Suppressed, Silenced, Muted, Obscured, Hid, Buried

He conveyed the importance of teamwork to the employees during the staff meeting.



A situation in which no progress can be made because opposing parties are unable to reach an agreement; a deadlock or standstill.


Deadlock, Standstill, Impasse, Stalemate, Gridlock, Stagnation, Halt, Obstruction, Blockage, Holdup

Progress, Movement, Advancement, Flow, Clearance, Resolution, Breakthrough, Agreement, Settlement, Harmony

The ongoing dispute between the two companies created a logjam in negotiations, and they couldn't make any decisions.



To calm or reduce the risks or tensions associated with a situation.

(खत्म करना)

Deescalate, Mitigate, Pacify, Alleviate, Calm, Ease, Reduce, Diminish, Quell, Soothe

Escalate, Aggravate, Inflame, Intensify, Worsen, Heighten, Increase, Ignite, Provoke, Exacerbate

The skilled negotiator managed to defuse the heated argument between the two parties and find a peaceful solution.



To provide support, reinforcement, or stability, especially by using props or supports; to strengthen or secure something, often a structure or object.

(सहारा देना)

Support, Reinforce, Prop, Brace, Buttress, Bolster, Underpin, Stabilize, Sustain, Strengthen

Weaken, Undermine, Destabilize, Debilitate, Undercut, Sabotage, Collapse, Underprop, Diminish, Shake

The construction workers shored up the crumbling wall to prevent it from collapsing.


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